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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yes, more eating!!

So, I'm going to start with Monday!  That was our night to go back to The Freezer in Homosassa!  Bob has been waiting to go back since our last visit...this isn't your high class restaurant by any means but one of the best local hang outs.  And we got to hang out with our friends!  What a fun night (again!).  

We got to the restaurant around 4:30ish and it was packed already.  We were lucky enough to get a large table as we had 8 in our group.  Bob hurried off to order our pretzel (beer and a glass of  $2 wine for me).  As I was drinking my wine, I saw an advertisement on the wall for a Mike's Rita! hubby went and ordered me one.  Now remember I said this isn't a fancy place (you peel and eat shrimp with your fingers from a Styrofoam tray!)....Bob brought me back this cup and bottle of Mike's Rita...notice anything??

It's actually a plastic cup!!!  A plastic cup with salt on the rim!!!  Go figure!!!  We laughed quite hard at that...but it sure was good! 

Of course when I got home, by the time I ate the pretzel with salt and licked all the salt off my paper cup!, I had to drink four glasses or water!!!  But it was worth every 'glass'!

The steamed shrimp is wonderful!!!  And the way it's cooked, the shell does come off easily.  SO GOOD!!!

This was John and Marilyn's first time at The Freezer.  I think and hope they enjoyed it as much as we do. 

After our wonderful meal, our 'host and hostess' (Jan & Larry) said to "follow them"...and we did.  They took us to another restaurant, called Sea Grass, just to look out at the water front then off to Jan's daughter's beautiful home, which sits by the water.  What fun!  We traveled from place to place following Larry on the drive(s).

And of course, our last stop was at DQ!  I know...hard to believe we could eat anymore but we did!!!

Now to top it off, Tuesday night we met up with Jan and Larry again for another dinner!!!  This time we ate at Harry's which is downtown Ocala and another favorite restaurant of ours!
Actually, they had drinks half price instead of our normal 2-4-1...dinner was FANTASTIC!  I think we are staying home tonight...wonder if I'll remember where the kitchen is and how to cook!!!  I'll let you know!


  1. I'm pea green with food/drink envy!!!

  2. I think you and Bob really know how to enjoy life, friends and food. I would probably "cook" a bowl of cereal for dinner after all your going out. Blissful living dear...

  3. What a great evening. DQ on top of the peel-and-eat shrimp made it quite a meal! Beautiful pics. We like Harry's, too.


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