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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy BD, Kayla!

Happy Birthday, Kayla!  Hard to believe she is 22!!  Right now Kayla is out west visiting with Nate and their friends.  I know she's having a good time!  She graduates this May from college then onto her masters studies!  At least we'll get to see her in May. 

I'm still beading away...I know hard to tell what this is....hope it turns out just like the picture in my mind!  Now, honestly, how often does that happen??  Usually never...but I'm giving it a go again! 

Temps in the upper 60's today but strong winds...I just about got blown away (and so did Kalee) at the dog park this a.m.  Poor Kalee's eyes were really watering when we got home!  Guess he needs sunglasses to protect from the sun and wind! 


  1. Intriguing! And I can sure relate to the "picture in the mind" comment!.

  2. Picture in your mind.. It will be interesting! Just signed up to follow again. For some reason all blogs in my reading list disappeared!

  3. Beautiful Beading. I can totally relate to "picture in the mind". Blissful Beading...


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