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Monday, March 18, 2013

Start of another week....

I did take some time to bead the rest of the outline for Zachery's body.  I'm now starting to fill in his body.  I'm going to use some of the techniques of Diana from The Lone Beader.  I've been a follower of Diana's for quite sometime and recently I purchased two of her pdf patterns (Westie & Intro Into Extreme Beadery).  You have to check out both her Etsy/web site and her blog.  Her bead work is amazing...just amazing! 

So, this wanna be beader will continue on with Zachery in between my patchwork piece!  I did work on it last night for a few hours.  I'm thinking the patchwork piece might get finished while I'm in Florida!  Didn't think that would happen but....

This is the back of my Carnival piece...can't show the front!  I still have the facing to do and some hand work but I should have that finished sometime this week. 

The next few weeks are SO busy!!  I'm trying to get some dates to meet up with folks (Kay & Susan, I am trying!). 

Yesterday Carol came over to finish up the snap bags for her grand kids.  Didn't they turn out cute!  She has one more at her house she's adding charms to so I'll post a picture of that when it's finished.  Carol has four grand babies!

 Hubby is off from golf today!  Just as well as we're having a drizzle of rain off and on.  Kalee and I got a little rain on us when walking this a.m.  But it doesn't both us girls!!  She's crashed now while I work on the computer and sew.  I get a break from playing or walking her!

It's 63 out so not cold by any means!  Temps to get in the high 70's to 80's this next week.  Love Florida!


  1. Zachary is fun. Those snap bags, too! Kids will love them.

  2. this is darn cute, you will have fun with Zachary. the bags turned out great too, kids will enjoy those.


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