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Saturday, March 30, 2013

THANKS, to another Susan!!!!

I had so much fun for a few hours this a.m.!  I got to finally meet one of my blog buddies, Susan, from Younger Every Day.  We've been reading/commenting/emailing for sometime now, so it was great to finally meet Susan!  Susan lives in the Villages, which is just south of us and besides a nice place to live, it's also a fun place for a day trip.  Sorry to say but I've not even made it to the Villages this year.  We've always taken a day in the winter to head to the Villages either with or without the hubbies.  It doesn't look like we'll make it this year! 
But I digress.... Susan and I met  for coffee and bagel at Panera's and had such a nice time chatting away!  I still have so many questions to ask Susan about her life before Florida and after, but guess I'll have to save them for next year!   I did get to learn a lot about her and her interesting life.  She and her hubby travel quite a bit, which makes for an interesting blog!  As corny as this saying is,  Susan really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  And also a funny lady to boot! 

We had one of the folks from Panera take our picture...which didn't turn out all that bad...but I think the young man won't focus his career on picture taking.  Like I have room to talk!! 

Anyway,  check out what she brought me!!!!  I feel like it's Christmas!!!

This is a bag full of the small circular, bead containers with lids!  Also some bead tubes, which are always good to have.

And this stash!!!  Keep in mind these are large, plastic zip lock bags loaded with beads!!!  These are beads Susan isn't using anymore!!!  OMG!!!  I am so excited to go through them all!!!  Is this wonderful or what!   There are so many different types of beads and colors!!  I'm in heaven for sure!

I won't be totally greedy with my 'gift' from Susan.   What I don't or can't use, I'll make sure go to  friends back in Michigan.  I have one friend who does crazy quilting and one who teaches school that is always looking for items to use in her classroom!  I will be sure to share my wealth!

I can't thank you enough, Susan!!  I certainly have enjoyed our email conversations in the past and our get together today.  I'm looking forward to next year but I'm going to get my calendar set up in advance!  No waiting until the month we're leaving for home!  


  1. WHAT???? How can anyone decide NOT to use beads anymore.... You will certainly put them to good use Robbie!!

  2. Oh how lovely to meet a fellow blogger! And what a great gift of beads!

  3. Great photo and how fun to meet in person. Very sweet of her to share her beads with you. Robbie you look fabulous and it is hard to believe you eat out so often. Happy Hopping...

  4. How wonderful to get to meet your friend and simply bonus to be gifted the beads. What a great gift that I'm sure you will put to good use.


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