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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How long???

Yikes...can't believe I haven't posted since Sunday!!  I have been busy but can't show what I've been working on until the reveal on March 31st! 

In the meantime, I have started on my Dr. Seuss for our Inspired by the Masters exhibit.  We are doing an art quilt based on the work of Dr. Seuss/Theodor Seuss Geisel. 

Let me introduce to you 'Zachery'!  He's what I'm going to add to my art quilt piece.   

You'll see in the next picture that I've started to bead 'Zachery'.  I think he's really cute and will be fun to bead.  I've got some ideas for his hair and tail (which you can't see in this picture) so, once again, I sure hope the picture in my mind can be transferred to my fingers! 

I printed out 'Zachery' onto some washable applique paper, attached to two pieces of black batting and started to bead his body.  He'll be in multiple shades of greens. Now as weird as he is, I think he is cute!!! 

Fun to work on in between  other projects.  Just gotta have that hand work to do, right!

It has been a busy week...yesterday (Wed.) after vet appointment, I made some appetizers to take over to our friends home.  They were having an 'open house' to introduce their friends to an exchange student they had about 20 years ago from Mexico.  She is now married (to their nephew!) and have four great children...from a senior in college to a 8th grader.  3 girls and one boy and just the nicest kids.  We've heard stories from Howard and Kara on 'Maga' (I know this isn't the correct spelling...I forgot to verify), so it made it even more special to finally meet her and her family.

This is 'Maga' after she made me a Paloma cocktail! Isn't she beautiful!  I didn't get pictures of her hubby or the children but they were as beautiful and handsome!

The Paloma was really good...Maga made it with lime juice, salt, tequila and Fresca.  I did find another recipe which uses grapefruit juice and lime juice that I might try as well.  You can see that recipe here...and there are others on the web.  I do love my margaritas but I'm open to try some different recipes for this cocktail as well.   After the open house, we ended up going to a local restaurant a mile down the road for dinner...cheese pizza/salad for me and baked spaghetti for hubby...yum!

Tonight, we ate out again!!  Dinner back to Carmine's with Marcia and Gary!  A fun night with nice folks and a great meal, again!  Our last month is always hectic meeting up with folks for one last dinner out!  I don't mind it at all...just have to make sure I use all the meat I have in the freezer!!  I'm usually pretty good at eliminating food but you never know.  This has been one of our busiest years yet!  Just such wonderful friends we've grown to know!   We are so lucky! 


  1. Yes, he is weirdly cute! This will be a fun project to watch as it develops.

  2. Didn't you just arrive in Florida for the Winter? Zachery will be uber cute in beaded greens...very Pantone 2013 style trend perfect. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


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