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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lzay life in Florida - NOT!

See, I really am working away on my patchwork piece!  Have no reason to be stitching this piece other than it was fun to use some scrap hand dyed and commercial fabric.  I'm thinking I'll hang this in our master bath but who knows.  I could also cut it up into smaller pieces!  Never know!  It's only 36+" x 36+". 

I starting stitching the bottom right side this afternoon, which will look similar to the stitching on the left side.  I imagination....I even copy myself!  I still have the top right to finish and to add some more small circles (thanks to suggestion from Jill for her method of sewing circles!) to fill in other areas.

Just a few more pics...mainly because I couldn't upload the two pics I took today at the Master Garden show Carol and I went to!  Not sure what's up with that!  Have to have pics on my blog post(s)!

It was a beautiful day again and the color of the plants and flowers were wonderful!  Just pust you in a good mood.   It is a good thing I don't live here though.  Our house and yard would be junked up with 'stuff' and plants!  I don't like a lot of 'things' laying around on our tables and such back in Michigan but there are some really interesting and cool items I see on my adventures out that I'd buy in a heartbeat for the house and yard!  So far I've resisted each year but...I did buy something today!  Know what this is????  It's called 'operalium'.  Doesn't help does it!
Obviously, the one on the left is the back of the piece.  I found this info on the web (no surprise there, right!):
"The body is surrounded by a fold of skin, to which are attached a shell consisting of six or more plates and a fourfold lid, or operailum, consisting of two scuta and two terga. The operculum may be called the door, as the animal opens and shuts it at will and has complete protection when it is closed."

Anyway, one of the vendors had three tables of unusual stones and fossils.  So cool!  I bought two of the operalium and think they might be perfect for stitching on a quiltlet with beads!  A future, future, future project I'm sure!  

Of course, I have to either open or close my post with 'food' talk!  Last night Bob and I had dinner with Gary & Marcia at The Ivy House.    What a unique building and the food was very good!  I had deep fried shrimp that was so sweet and lightly battered and delicious!  Bob had a seafood platter and I still don't know how he ate it all!!  The portions are huge and presentation was as good as the food.  I'm looking forward to another night of eating out!  We just never know where we'll end up next!  Gary and Marcia mentioned several places that Bob and I haven't eaten at (yet!) so guess I might not be cooking as much the next month!  Let's hope, right!  And let's hope I still fit into my clothes when we get back to Michigan!

Well, I'm sitting out on the front porch and getting a little chilly!  The lanai was too hot and it's too cool to sew out here.  Guess I could change from short sleeve shirt and Capri's to long pants and a top but it's Florida!


  1. Sew beautiful with your colors and stitching. I love seeing your progress. Sunshine Smiles...

  2. Whatever you do do NOT cut this up.
    It is a really great piece.

  3. Oh my goodness, your quilting is gorgeous on this piece, you lazy thing!

  4. I had to come back and take another look. Hand Stitching!!! Even more impressing.

  5. I like the combo of those circles on this piece. Lovely. Our friends love their new home... they are busier than ever! The fossil vendor sounds interesting.

  6. Robbie, you are doing some lovely quilting on this quilt. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
    Katherine Sands

  7. Kay's right-please don't cut this up.Loving your blog.I know I don't comment often, but I visit regularly and bathe in the warm glow of Florida (metaphorically speaking) and your lovely artwork.

  8. Robbie this is so beautiful! I love your work and hope you never run out of creative juices. Analisa


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