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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Start of the weekend

It was only 38 this a.m. and temps are expected to be in the low 30's for the next two mornings.  The good thing about Florida is the temps rise quickly.  We'll be in the mid to high 60's quickly...although, the winds have been quite high so not good for golfing but perfect weather for walking Kalee and going to the dog park with her!!  She's doing so good off lease and staying with me or just playing with the other dogs.  I'm really proud of her!

I did work on my patchwork piece...not sure if I showed the french knots I did the other night....I'm still working on my beading project that I can't show until the end of the month....but here's a sneak peak!
It doesn't look like anything but at least 'ya all' know I'm not sitting around eating bon bons and watching the boob tube!  Well, maybe not bon bons...but we do eat out at least twice a week...and of course our margaritas or wine!  
So today is laundry and cleaning day....I will take Kalee to the dog park and hopefully she'll have a friend to play with! 


  1. Your beading is making me swoon. I love all those tiny little beauties. Happy Walking...

  2. Looking good!!! I guess I better get busy!!!

  3. Hummm, beading looks like perhaps a paisely project?? Lovin' it of course!


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