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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm plugged!

I've talked in the past about what a great bead shop there is in Ocala, Fl.  called The Bead Strand.  I love going to this store and often wished we had one like it back in Michigan (close to where I live).  Well, even though it's not that close to where I live (almost 20 miles), I have to say the Beadin' Mon is a really close second to one of the best bead stores around. 

Monica, the owner of Beadin' Mon is the best!!!  This past fall, I did head on over to her store to pick up some Tila beads for bracelets.  And it's also where I picked up, what I call, a plug for my phone (you can read about it on my blog post here).  I thought this little item was so cool!  I got thinking they would make a nice gift for folks so I emailed Monica and asked if I could order a dozen of them!  Monica is such a sweetheart and placed and order and shipped them out to me!  Yes, two are missing...they're in the mail to others!

So now I feel really lucky to have two great bead stores whether I'm up north or down south!!!  And for my friends, north or south, you too can head on down or up to a great bead store!  Thanks again, Monica!  You are the best!!!

This is my plug with charms given to me by friends!
Helps hubby to quickly identify my phone from his!

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  1. Robbie Dear how very sweet for Monica to mail you these great little plugs. I will watch my mail and let you know when I receive mine. Thank you so very much. Having a good bead store is critical. Blissful Beading Dear...


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