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Saturday, March 23, 2013

End of another week....

 And yes, we did go out for dinner tonight!  We met up with Kara and Howard at Blanaca's which is the restaurant in our community.  Yum!!  Liver & onions!  It was delicious!!  Not every one's favorite but is for Bob and I.  I don't remember the last time I had this dinner as we don't eat much red meat  but it was a good choice tonight.
I've also been playing with free motion quilting...funny, when I do a practice piece my work isn't near as nice/good as when I'm really doing a 'legimite' piece!  Strange, isn't it!

I had a small piece of black sateen so I sandwiched it and started some FMQ.   Diane Gaudynski's had a blog post show how to FMQ Celtic Bubbles.  Sure looked easy on her blog but just like straight lines I can't do circles either!  Go figure!

So I attempted to do some more circles...and of course I got tired of those and wasn't happy with how my circles were turning out.  Just need to practice more for sure!  Do check out Diane's post on these circles.  She does such a wonderful post on explaining the process. 

My black doesn't look black in this picture but it really is!  I just started playing around with  any designs I could think of.  Again, I'm not very creative...but the piece, which is about 20" x 20" will make a nice background piece for small snap bags! 

Anyway, the first picture above,  i took yesterday when Carol, Peggy and I took off to Micanopy, Florida!  And yes, we had dessert!  Butter pecan ice cream!  Micanopy is a very quaint town 25 miles north east of us.  We went to Micanopy a few years ago and I thought it might make a nice day of it again.  We arrived just around lunch time and after visiting a few of the antique and old book stores, we headed to lunch.  Chicken salad sandwich's for Carol and I and a bowl of chili for Peggy.  Food was good and then off we went walking through the town again. 

As you an see in the pictures, Micanopy is a really small, old, Floridian town!  But I do love it.  The book store looks like something from a Stephen King novel/movie!  And the antiques are SO cool! 
So, next week is going to be as to the Freezer Restaurant on Monday with friends; Tuesday, lunch with a friend from the community; Thursday, off to Trenton with my Q Buddy, Susan, to visit one of our favorite Quilt shops, and lunch!  Of course...lunch!!! 


  1. The photo in the center reminds me of one of Tara Donovans rubber band prints! It is so lovely!

  2. Sigh.....I wish my FMQ was even 1/10th as good as yours! Your post reminds me how important it is to practice....something I have been very lacking at so I only have myself to blame!!

  3. Your stitching looks real good to me! Love Micanopy. Have you watched Doc Hollywood? It was filmed there. It's more fun to watch it now that I recognize the buildings and some locations.


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