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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another week almost over!

Gosh, it seems as if we just got to Florida and we'll be heading home before we know it!!  My Q bud, Susan, and I were talking about how fast time flies each year...Susan felt the time flies because it takes us longer to do things!  Therefore, our time is used up in two days what we used to be able to do in one day!  Makes sense to me...I also think because we are all retired and on 'vacation' here in Florida that we're so busy each day goes by faster and faster! 

I did make time today to get my roots dyed.  I'm going to miss Lauren from Planet Cosmo!  She's a delightful young lady and a good hair dresser as well!!  On the way home, I made a visit to the library and picked up Linwood Barclay's recent book Trust Your Eyes.  I've read all of his books but must have missed when this one came out in Sept.  And it was in large print!  Works for me!  See most of my day is gone already!

Zachery is slowing getting worked on.  I'm trying to get the base beaded then I'll go back over it when I attach to my background to add more puff to his body!  I think he's so cute in a weird kinda way!  

On an earlier post this week, I mentioned my outing with Susan to the quilt shop in Trenton...well, this was my purchase!
 Is this a hoot or what!  You have to read some of the articles on this fabric...e.g., Chihuahua gives birth to a great dane!  Love Triangle at!  So cute.  I'm going to make a cover for Kalee's pad in her crate!  Maybe a scarf too! I'll be at home all day Friday so I might get to do some sewing! 

On Saturday I'm going to meet up with a blog friend, Susan, from Younger Every Day.  Susan and I have become blog buddies so it will be SO nice to meet up with her to build on our blog friendship.  I enjoy reading her blog about family, travels, seeing her photo's (which are wonderful!) and now she's been   drawing with colored pencils and  venturing off into "watercolor lettering"...who knew!   She really is quite good at drawing!  You know how I am about that 'world'!  NOT!  Anyway, looking forward to actually meeting her on Saturday!  I'm still trying to meet up with Kay!  She's next on my list...we've just not had the same free days. 

Right now Kalee and I are sitting out in the lanai enjoying the birds singing (and Grace screaming!) and sun shining.  It's a beautiful, beautiful March day.  I might even bring Zachery outside for awhile!!!


  1. That fabric is such a hoot and Kalee will get a lot of smiles being able to utilize her cushion. Winter must have been extra short this year if it is already time for you to travel back north. ;o)
    Your beading is looking great. Happy Beading...

  2. That dog fabric is a howl- pardon the pun. Ha, Susan really knows how to throw a punch, right? Takes two days to do what it used to take one day to do. Ouch. But she's right. To go along with that, my "prove you're not a robot" word is "dayslay". We really know how to slay a day, don't we? I always look at those and some make me chuckle.


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