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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who's out of thread?

So, I'm working away yesterday on my background piece for Carnival and clonk!  I thought my machine broke but all  that happened was I ran out of thread!  Geezzzz

You can see this small area left to quilt and in the next picture another small area that I needs to be finished!

Panic time!  I haven't purchased threads in quite a long time, other than my 12 wt. Aurifil & 28 wt Lana.

The thread I was looking for is Signature 30 wt in the Tropical Trilobol Poly.  I'm actually not that big on variegated thread but when I do use it I like the 30 wt and just certain colors. 

So early this a.m. I took off for JoAnn's hoping they would have my thread in stock and the same color!  Well, lucky me!  They did have the thread in the Tropical Brights and on sale for $1.97!!  It normally sells for $6.50-$6.95 on the web.  Not sure what JoAnn's sold it for (like I said, it's been years since I purchased it) but I know it was always close to that price. 

So $15 later look what I bought! 

I do use the Tropical color thread for fiber card edging and FMQ...I also like the Eggplant (combo of purple/green) so I purchased one of those.  I got looking at the Pastel colorway and did buy two of those.  I think it would be a nice background thread if going for a delicate look.  And had to get four of my Tropical Brights!  I won't run out now!

I'm not sure if JoAnn's is discontinuing the line or if these are part of Signature's old colors and they'll be getting a new line in.  Either way, these should do me for several years! So off to finish the background quilting! 
It's another beautiful day in the mid-high 70's...birds are singing so I don't even need the radio on.  I'm going to have to do a video just so you can hear the birds!  They just never stop!  Guess they are as happy as we are here in Florida! 


  1. Oooh -- pretty threads. I do like variegated threads, but I admit, they're not for everything...

  2. oh -- and I love the stenciled circles!

  3. Oh man...I wish I was near a Joann's! Lovely stitching!

  4. What a find!!!! Yes, some days are just magic!

  5. Phew.... glad they had the right thread. Variegated threads are such fun. The pastel will be interesting to see stitched into something. Very subtle.


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