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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Show & Tell Time!

OK, I'm getting frustrated with my post today...I keep deleting pics by mistake in trying to these are all out of order but hopefully my followers will enjoy seeing the artwork from my talented friends!!!
Wow! What a show and tell we had on Thursday! Our small fiber group, Aussome, finally got to meet after two cancellations due to our snow storm!

First up, is a quilt Karen made for our Inspired by the Masters exhibit. This is her VanGogh piece. How cool is this!!! Do click on the picture to enlarge so you can see her hand work and detail. I love this piece!!!

This is the cover from the online class that Carol just finished. Now keep this picture in mind..again, having problems moving pics around so just think of it as a game today!
This was to be the start of my post...
I'll get my little S&T out of the way. I finally got to give each lady their peyote beaded needle case I made for them. Don't they look cute all in a circle! I used the pattern from Beth at Until We Bead Again. The pattern I used was her Honey Bee (I believe it's called that!) but you can see all the patterns she has here. I think my friends liked their 'gift' and hopefully, they will fill it with lots of needles! I showed a Christmas gift (can't post pic of it yet) as well as the wedding gift and humbug bags I made.
So now!!! Wait until you see the rest of the S&T! OK, so remember the pic above of the zen's the story: Carol has been taking some online drawing/watercolor classes. Her most recent class is Lady Zen by Judy Skeel.
This is the start of Carol's drawing and then check out her finished piece!!!

how cool is this!!!
Here's a closeup of Carol's 'Lady Zen'...isn't she beautiful!! Carol has a knack for drawing and needs to continue this study for sure. Isn't she great!
The following are some smaller cards that Carol has done in another class she's take by Jane LaFazio from How wonderful!!!

This is a thread embroidery Christmas card Carol received by a relative (sorry i don't remember who!) This took a lot of work and is really nice.

This is an article on our Inspired by the Masters exhibit...yes, everything is out of order!!
This is Mary showing a quilt she's putting together from old blocks she made several years ago. The blocks were made for her son, Tony, who was into all different sports. Her blocks are amazing and again, click on the picture to see Mary's handwork. Tony passed away suddenly last spring so this is a nice remembrance for Mary.
And because Mary has so much free time (NOT!!) she's making these darling little dresses that are being sent to Africa based on an initiative that was started called 'Little Dresses for Africa'. These are made from scrap fabric and/or pillowcases. how cute!!! And so nice of Mary. She watches/helps raise her great grand daughter but Mary is so giving and I applaud her for taking time to even make these. They are so sweet! OK, I just deleted two of her pictures!!! I quit..hopefully, you get the idea on what these look like.
So that's our s&t! We had a nice lunch and time for talk which is always nice. I did book after almost two hours but the ladies sat and talked for another 45 min. I had to get to the post office and then get ready to head off to dinner with friends. Which was another nice evening! So now to finish packing up for south. Tomorrow I'll upload pics from Amber's Christmas concert at school yesterday. until then..stay warm! We're having a heat way today @ 22 degrees.


  1. Such TALENT!! Thank you for sharing ~ even if the order of things weren't how you wanted... still a great post! Carol's Lady Zen is awesome!

  2. No matter what order the pics are in~~~it's BEAUTIFUL, all of it!!! (and yes, I have the same issues with getting photos loaded, and then accidently *unloading* them.....grrrrr)
    Great post---so much fun to see all the stitching and art, so bright and cheery!
    Brava to you ALL!!!


  3. Oh my... this was worth waiting through the cancellations for! Terrific work. I really admire those who can draw and paint so well. And your beaded pieces.. they do look good arranged in that color wheel. You've been busy!

  4. Oh yes, and I did click on the photo to see all that wonderful stitchery. Wow.

  5. What wonderful pieces! Who cares that the pictures may be out of order? They still make gorgeous eye candy.

    Love the peyote stitch needle cases. I can't help but wonder how many many hours went into those.


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