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Thursday, December 16, 2010

-1 degree!

One thermometer says it's -1.8 and the other one is reading -2! I don't remember having weather this cold but then I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night! Back roads are still snow covered and icy but the schools are open finally. I picked up kids yesterday and we had fun talking and laughing. So funny what comes out of their mouth!! We had a discussion about North America and South America. Nick was trying to understand why South Dakota wasn't in South America! I told him we would look at our world globe to show him North & South America. Nick is so inquisitive and asks questions. We had a huge discussion last spring about Jesus and Judas! I didn't even think he knew about Judas. That discussion came up when we were talking about Master Artists like DaVinci! Yes, he knew the artists and pointed them out to me from a library book he got (it was a Nat Geo book). Sometimes these kids are just too smart for old grandma!

I did get some of my sewing supplies packed up. It's pretty easy as I know what I want to take. This year I've only packed about four pieces of fabric. I can always dye, paint or buy fabric for the small pieces I'll be making. Of course I have packed up all my paints, dyes, stencils, etc. (& I do mean etc.!).

Today our small fiber group is finally meeting after two cancellations. It will be my last meeting with them until next spring. I'll make sure to take my camera for some of the show and tell. Karen has finished her VanGogh piece for our Inspired by the Masters exhibit and Carol has been taking an online class that she's excited to show us her results. Of course, Mary is always doing something as well so I'm sure she'll have something to show too. Hate to go out in this cold but off I go!


  1. i agree with you. kids can be pretty amazing sometimes. i love talking to mine and hearing what they'll come up with next. have a great time with your get-together. i'll be looking forward to seeing some pics.

  2. OK, I'll stop complaining about the cold in FL now. Nice day with the kids. Look forward to the pics from your fiber group.

  3. I bet you're not going to miss that COLD at all in Florida!
    Love your icicle photo though; seems the most frigid weather makes for some beautiful images.....if we just didn't have to go out to take them!
    The conversation with Nick is amusing and are so smart now. I can't even keep up with the parakeets!
    Have a good one!


  4. Oh Del! 1 degree is just a silly temperature! My fingers are going blue just at the thought!

    Stay safe and warm! (and enjoy your group meeting).


  5. Get thee to Florida! That is just too dang cold.


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