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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"KISS" this project goodbye!

No, I'm not 'kissing' Mary goodbye! It's actually Mary's BD tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!
My favorite fiber artists, Linda & Laura Kemshall again came to my rescue for a BD idea. I saw Laura making 'humbug' bags (at least I think that's what she called them!) using left over quilt pieces. I do save my quilted pieces but I didn't have any large enough. So, I started to go through all my quilts and found this two pieces. The bluish piece was my sample quilt I did for an oil pastel workshop I taught at our local guild meeting. The purple piece is from the KISS challenge I participated in last winter. Dijanne asked us to make a 20" x 20" quilted piece using only two colors. You could add as many different colors of threads to hand or machine quilt with (you can see my progress on the purple piece here. Anyway, I picked these two pieces and ended up with...

cutting rectangles from each quilt....

Added this zipper. Check out the price on the zipper! Can you even buy ANYTHING now for seven cents! Yes, it's an old zipper!

And this was the birthday gift I made for Mary!!! It will hold threads, her scissors, whatever she wants it for. Mary is always doing hand work so I thought this little bag would be perfect for her to carry for 'what nots' to her meetings and other places she goes when doing hand work! This was the first bag I made!
These are sides of Mary's bag.

So then I thought, heck I want one too! So I made one for myself. It's smaller than Mary's..I think for Mary's bag I used 8" length, and 7" and 9 1/2" wide pieces. For mine, I used 6" length and I think! 7" wide on both sides.

Here are my sides. I love these little bags and it will be perfect for traveling and holding my supplies! So, my KISS challenge piece is no more! We never did post our pics nor did I hear anymore about the challenge but it was fun to do all the hand stitching on the purple piece. Today, I'm working on a another gift for an upcoming wedding. I better get busy!


  1. They are adorable Robbie. what a cool shape. I can see it being very handy. Well done!

  2. I love these. I wish I could make some. What a great gift. By the way, I have tried to email you many times. Computer issues. Great job on all the pretties in that PIC you sent me. I'm sure each will be treasured. Nothing like a handmade gift. My favorite. They come from the heart not Walmart.

  3. Oh! Very cool! I am reminded that my SIL wanted a bag like this for her knitting after we saw one at a craft fair. I told her I could probably make her one but I have forgotten all about it. Yours turned out very beautifully. Now I shall have to figure out how to make one, thanks for the reminder.

  4. These are GREAT!!! That is what I need to do with a few of my pieces that either never made it to binding or I just don't like well enough to pull out of storage.
    But the one with the oil pastels....what a lovely design!
    It's just a square folded upon itself, right?


  5. What a great idea!!! And the end product looks awesome, of course!

  6. Hi Robbie,

    Love the bags, I must get going with some sewing I have been immersed in my course and the machine is idle.

    How is hubbie?

    We have a biggie early next year aorta valve replacement, thank goodness it will not be open heart.


  7. Love the bags. Please be sure to send photos and comments to Linda and Laura's facebook page. They will love this.

    Judy in South Dakota


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