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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BJP November 2010

Above is my inspiration for my November BJP. And below is my finished piece 'Winter Winds' (at least I think that's what I called it). Now I have to go back and look at my label..but I think it looks like winter!

This is part of a snowflake and I just deleted one! Geeezzz...if you want to see them, just click on the larger piece above. I'm in the middle of watching Lions play and it's too hard to move pics around.

We had fun with the kids this weekend. I forgot to take pics until this a.m. Yesterday, they painted wooden frames for gifts and hopefully I'll remember to take my camera on Wed. and get pics. They also did some mono printing on paper. Amber and I made some chocolate crinkle cookies from some cookie dough her grandma Nancy had made. Amber made Christmas cookies with GN a few weekends ago. Of course kids played pool and grandpa got out two putters for the kids to practice putting on his putting pad (ok, that's what I call it!). This a.m. we made waffles, egg beaters scrambled eggs and bacon.
Then kids walked Cody, our neighbors dog and I ran outside to get a picture just as the kids were walking past the house. Amber's already down the street!
The kids dried Cody off and then went back outside to play in the snow for awhile. There's a major storm this weekend and it's still snowing @ 1:30 p.m. and is suppose to continue through the evening. Might be a snow day tomorrow for kids!

Darrin and Grandpa are working on programming a remote. Darrin is setting up the remote for us to use so that we can get rid of 3 other remotes! One remote is enough for us to use! So that's our weekend. Darrin just called and he got home safe with the kids. I worry about the kids driving in the snow and ice!! Yes, I'm a worry wart! But that's just what mom's do!


  1. Winter Winds is beautiful! (I just wish we were not having *the real thing* here at the moment!)
    Even after plowing snow, I still think Winter Winds is beautiful!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend---STAY WARM!

    The Snow Queen a.k.a. Anne

  2. Oh my it is quite lovely! Very much a winter wind image! Thanks for sharing. I can do without any real winter winds thank you very much, but yours I would always enjoy. So did he get the remote to work as it is supposed to?

  3. Great snowflakes.........much prettier than what we have on the ground here.
    Your beaded snowflakes really capture the special "sparkle"

  4. So much motion and movement. I can feel the swirling snow around me! I love the colors, everything about it.
    We are just having rain from the storm. No snow here. Weird.

    Glad you had fun with the grandchildren! Grandchildren are the best!

  5. Verra verra verra pretty! I have to admit (not too loudly) that I actually like snow. Wind, not so much, but your piece is just lovely :-)

  6. Absolutely awesome BJP! Beautiful!

  7. This piece is beautiful. The snowflakes... amazing detail and shine. No need to look back at the is Winter Wind... back in the post when you had us guess what you were making, I said it looked like winter wind and you said the words struck a chord with you! Perfect piece to reflect the title.

  8. Fantastic snowflakes!! I can just feel the movement in them, too. Gorgeous and perfect timing - we are getting a good bit of snow down here (Ann Arbor) today, too. Feels officially wintery now. :)

  9. It's beautiful! Even after our blizzard!

    So sorry your Lions beat our Packers today...

  10. Love your project for this month! I really do enjoy stopping at blogs and seeing what everyone has created each month - thanks for sharing.

  11. This is one of the most beautiful BJP pieces ever. The center snowflake just draws me in. Good work!

  12. Its beautiful Robbie! I love snowflakes and you really captured the beauty of one. Lovely work (as always) you really have a wonderful eye for placement and movement and flow. Looks like a good time was had on Grandmas time! Hugs!
    PS. Hows hubby doing?

  13. Those snowflakes of yours are lovely!


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