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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're here!!

This picture tells how we felt by 8:30 p.m. last night! We arrived in Ocala around 1:30 to a sunny, 59 degrees. Larry and Jan had the house set up and ready for us. This is becoming our home away from home for sure.
After we unloaded the car, Bob set up the two bird cages and I headed off to the local quilt shop to drop off my sewing machine. It hasn't had a 'day at the spa' in years (although, I was ready for the spa I opted to give my slot up!). I then headed off to Panera's to pick up bagels then to Walmart and our local Publix (which is now a super Publix! ). We just had grilled sandwiches for dinner last night then put all our clothes away.
so here we are this a.m. with laptops on, watching GMA and drinking our coffee. So relaxing!! I had 96 emails so replies will be forthcoming. I'm anxious to get my sewing/art room set up (thanks for the table, Larry!) but I want to get Sybil set up (yes, our little fish came with us! More on his/her story later) and then head off to the library to pic up a 'real' book.


  1. I am thinking getting all the wildlife into the car should have been the most interesting part of the trip! Glad you ALL are there safe!!!
    And yes, the photo pretty well describes how I feel too after all the holiday whoop-la! Just let me nap.....


  2. I'm envious of your Super Publix as much as your warmth. Those are the things I miss when we moved from Florida. Enjoy your stay and think fondly of everyone who is freezing!

  3. Welcome back with your entire entourage!

  4. Next time your at Publix....order an Italian sub with italian dressing and extra mild peppers!!!

    Former DACOR Abuser....Harry :)


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