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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to Winter!

If you're already getting the snow I'm showing here, you can just go to your next blog to read. This post is for our Florida friends! We want to show you what you're missing up north!! Of course the big storm hit this weekend with temps as low as 4 degrees! Today we're having a heat wave and it's up to 19 (11:00 a.m.). Yippee!!
These are pics from our deck and it's being reported that we had about 6-7 inches. It's been blowing so much it's hard to tell! I wonder how they actually measure? Hmmm I did a google search and you can read about the measuring here. I thought it was a bit more 'technical' than this but....

This last picture, is before the storm, obviously!, Bob found this weed or whatever out in the yard. Of course, he brought it inside for me. I love it! Not sure what it is but I'm saving it. It's just cool..kinda lacy on the bud. A keeper for sure!

Our small fiber group was suppose to meet yesterday (canceled) and again today (canceled). We're shooting for Thursday and hope we can make that one. It's my only free day until we leave for Florida!! It's not so much getting things ready for Florida as it is for the holidays and meeting other folks, dinners, yada, yada..but I won't's just hard to fit everything in! Kids have their school concert this Friday that I'll be heading down to. It will be extra special since both kids will be in this one. So keep warm...I'm off to finish wrapping the rest of my gifts. That will be one item off my list!


  1. The "weed" almost looks like it is made of very fine silver wire. Very pretty. No snow here in Boston yet, thank goodness.

  2. The snow is so pretty Robbie! I'm so glad, though, I don't have to deal with temperatures that low! 25C here today!


  3. Wow, I thought it was a crocheted silver wire bead like Roberta! Gorgeous...the weed, not the snow.

  4. That weed thing is beautiful. I was reading too fast and thought it was something your fiber group made :)
    Thankfully we only got a couple inches, but it is unseasonably cold here in St.Louis.
    Thanks for all your kind words on the stencils.

  5. I do miss having a white Christmas. It's just not the same looking at cactus. Other then that though, 26 years in Michigan was enough snow for a lifetime.

    The pictures are pretty though :: smiles :: Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Lovely seedhead, the twisted tendrils make me think of clematis but i don't recognise the seed bit. Beautiful, tho.

    Thanks for your comment - I used my painted fabric paper & once I'd found a shape to copy I drew the dove, made a template & cut with small scissors. I'm not wasting the actual dove shape, that's another version of the card ;)

    Love all your quilting projects, particularly the wedding gift.

  7. So beautiful. Reminds me of Maine. The snow is so pretty. I too love the thing your husband found. One of nature's gifts. So happy I have a friend that can see beauty in nature's gifts and the simple things in Life.


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