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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Madison Needs Your Vote!

Most quilters are familiar with Madison and I'm sure you'll recognize his handsome face in this photo. Well, Madison is in a Pet Show Contest on the web and so far is 5th place overall and 3rd place in the "Best Expression" category. How cool is that!
The reason I'm posting about Madison is to ask my followers and readers to vote for him. Why you ask? Well, Madison is just a tad more famous than his human mom, Ami Simms, and if he could win this contest, his human mom would feel so much better about his fame. Now the off shoot to winning this contest, is Madison would have to stay home while 'human mom' and his 'human sister', Jennie, go on a wonderful trip. Actually, that's not so bad as Mandy has volunteered to be his room mate while his human family are sunning in Aruba. Mandy didn't want Madison to feel lonely. I bet his ears would perk up if he heard about that offer! So, please head over to PetCentric web site and please vote for Madison.
For those non-quilters who don't know Ami, you can read more about her here and be sure to check out Ami's huge endeavor, The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative here and The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative blog here. Heck, while you're at it, why not bid on a Alzheimer quilt! What a great idea for the Christmas gift!! So grab a cup of coffee and get busy 'clicking'!!!
Enjoy the day..we have SNOW on the ground...more than yesterday!!! Here comes winter!!!!!

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