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Friday, December 31, 2010

Art work forthcoming!

Happy New Year one and all!! We're in for the night and actually ready for bed! Guess that's what happens when you get old(er)! Bob and I haven't gone out in years and that's just fine with us. We have our Mandy girl beside us and each other. We don't need more than that.
I have my sewing and art room all set up! now I'm ready to get busy. I did get a drawing on some friendly felt so I can start beading my Dec. BJP! Yes, I'm behind one month but I only have myself to report to. I do have 11 monthly pieces finished which you can check out here. I'm anxious to get started on 2011 pieces but first things first!

So here are more Christmas pics! This is Kayla and Ian as they celebrated at their grandma and grandpa's house in Holland, Michiigan.

And here's Mary Jo with the table runner I made her and Ron (Bob's son) and Ian. Ian also got an Ipod for Christmas. I just love mine and I'm sure he's enjoying his as well.
Temp was up to mid 70's today! It's still 63 @ 7:30 p.m.! Fits me just fine!!!
So be safe..enjoy the night and the start of the New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Robbie! I hope 2011 is productive and creative for you.


  2. Happy New Year, robbie! I'm looking forward to more art work from you. Glad you are settled in there, soak up some of that warmth for me. I'm going to try and stay up till midnight and then ring my big bell.

    That table runner is gorgeous.

  3. What a fancy-dancy "2011" Robbie! I like that. We're all settled in for the night, too, but I have memories of the nights when we went "out and about" on New Year's Eve ... ah, yes.

  4. Happy New Year, Robbie! Love the fancy 2011, too :) We are relaxing with some movies (happy the kids were asleep by 7:30 - woo hoo!) Looking forward to seeing your artwork in 2011! Here's to lots of fun creative art in the coming year.

  5. happy new year, robbie! glad to hear you got your space set up so you can get to making more beauties. my husband and i haven't gone out in so many years for new year's eve. it's just safer and more comfortable to stay home with the family in my opinion. have a wonderful, blessed, happy, prosperous and healthy 2011!!!

  6. Happy New Year! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - can't wait to see your December project!


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