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Monday, December 6, 2010

More gifts

I made my 3rd re-purposed bag (Laura Kemshall's idea from Design Matters TV)! I put this one in the mail this afternoon. It's a surprise for the recipient! Hope she likes it and can make good use of it. More on her in a later post. I don't want to ruin her surprise!

This weekend I also worked on a wedding gift for my 'great' niece. I know...'great niece'...that's only words you hear or read about when you're doing genealogy! Geezzz Adding that 'great' sure makes me feel old! Anyway, I was quite inspired by my 'great niece' and her finance's wedding invitation. The black and white were quite stunning (as is the bride and groom to be!) Beautiful people in their hearts as well. So I started with some white fabric and sandwiched between batting and backing and free motion quilted a stain glass flower pattern I found. Because I wanted to roll black paint on top of the quilting, I didn't attach to my canvas until I had painted over the quilting (good idea, right!). I had images of black paint all over my white canvas - for once I thought through my process! Yep, that's me patting myself on my back for this one!

Here's the piece quilted and painted (using a brayer and fabric paint).

I then cut the piece down and centered the quilted piece onto the gallery wrap canvas.
I used both gray and black Perle cotton to stitch to the canvas and then I added leaves on the outside and along the side of the canvas. Scary part for sure! Black paint on white canvas! You can just image the horrors that could have happened. But they didn't and all is well. And here's my finished 'wedding' gift.
I'm hoping the kids will like this piece. Their wedding is in Florida and there's no way we could head down this time of year. I'll be lucky to have everything (OK, just my art supplies!) ready and packed to leave on the 27th of Dec.!!


  1. that's a really stunning piece of work, robbie! very well done. i am sure they will just love it. kudos to you for "thinking through the process" as you said. i know for me i get too ahead of myself and make many mistakes along the way. i'm glad it turned out just as you had thought it should.

  2. That is really beautiful! I am quite sure they will love it. You are so creative with surface design!

  3. Robbie, what a fabulous wedding gift!

  4. Wow! the little bag is so cute. But the wedding gift!! You had to exercise courage every step of the way. And you did think it through nicely to avoid paint disasters. They will be delighted with it I'm sure.

  5. I love the triangle bag, these are wonderful. But your black and white piece is truly fabulous and your great couple will surely be honored by your taking all this time and thoughtfulness to create this art piece for them.

  6. Gorgeous work! I'm sure the lucky couple will love it.

  7. Del, you have really outdone yourself! I love the bag. Once I get my studion together I'm going to make a few of those.

    I love the black and white canvas!


  8. Oh, Robbie! My goodness, I LOVE the wedding gift you made, very eye-popping and beautiful! And the bag is great, too... you'll have to let us know how the recipient reacted. :D

  9. I am the Lucky One!

    Be sure to read a little post on my blog titled, "A Random Act of Kindness."

    Thank You Robbie, for this treasured gift from the heart, not Walmart.

    Until We Bead Again, Beth

  10. Robbie, I like this. I am using Windows 7 and Photoshop 9. Most of the early designs were done on Vista with Photoshop 7. Computer got old and tired so I updated, love the extra memory etc.


  11. Hi Robbie,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I like your quilted painted piece. Looks Great!



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