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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I got your button, Mary Beth!

So check it out. Mary Beth Shaw from Common Denominator is having a give away! I love, love her larger stencils and actually used them on a gift box this past fall. I'd really like to have a set of the baby stencils and other stuff!! So make sure to check out her blog and post & link!
I'm back beading on my November BJP (finally). I've finished up my 'gifts' so now I can do my own projects! I probably won't get to work on December's BJP until we get to Florida.

We're off to dinner with Carol & Tony our Florida friends who are enjoying the winter here in Michigan. They're actually heading back the same day we leave for Florida but we take 3 days rather than two (birds and dog need more breaks!). Off to dinner now!! I'm so hungry!!

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  1. is there really such thing as "enjoying" a Michigan winter?

    There was one thing I enjoyed about them that I do truly miss, and will never get used to not having......A White Christmas....The season is just never quiet right without... I even tried some of that spray snow on my windows this year. It would be more convincing if I weren't looking through them to a cactus. LOL.

    Stay warm! Have a beautiful holiday and I hope your friends do enjoy the snow :)


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