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Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's here!!

Guess I really should say "they are here!"...look what my hubby bought me! He said it was for being such a good 'caregiver'!! It's an IpodTouch and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
I've already downloaded two audio books, checked my email on it, set up some icons (stock, weather, yada, yada!), played with some of the apps and took some pictures and videos, which are amazing! Pictures on it are better than on my Cybershot camera! I've already started to listen to a book but I'm going to wait until we drive south! Bob thought it best I get it now so I can listen to my books while we drive for 2 1/2 days! I'm so happy!!

So, the next arrival at our house is TADA!!! Flat Stanley! Flat Stanley is a project at Nick's school. He travels with someone and then you write about his journey.

Here he is coming out of his envelope. Flat Stanley will drive down to Florida with us and we'll take pictures and journal his trip. Then we'll send him on back to Nick at his school. His teacher will then read and show the kids about each Flat Stanley's journey. How cute is that!! Nick wrote the letter that came with Flat Stanley.

Mandy and Flat Stanley were resting after his busy travel in the mail.
And, just to let ya all know I haven't just been sitting and doing nothing...I did finish this ponshawl last week. I made mine entirely with Berroco suede yarn. I made a green/purple one in the suede yarn back in 2006! and I have it just about worn out. Thought I'd make another one to wear with black. I took this picture at 'arm's length'..wasn't easy..I should have cropped off my head but you get the idea.

The fringe is black, grey and red and this time I used #8 needles just to make it slightly tighter. The actually pattern is a lot looser and hangs down further. I'm short waisted so I prefer to have it just over my breast area. Works for me. So easy to make too.

So we're almost packed up..well, at least we started packing up some clothes today. So far, Bob has 16 pair of shorts in a space saver bag! Yep, that's 16..sixteen, 1 and a 6! He has more shorts than I have pants, Capri's and shorts! But he is on the golf course and must keep up his image! The fashion diva that he is! Now you know why I can pack up so quickly! We are really ahead of any previous year we've packed for Florida. Makes it nice so we don't work all day the day before we leave. It's been very relaxing and we're looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with kids!


  1. We had Flat Stanley with us for a while too! He was in my studio with me making jewelry!

  2. You are so modern, Robbie! Flat Stanley will be a fun diversion on your drive. I don't suppose you will need a neck warmer in Florida but it is very pretty (as are you!) Have a wonderful holiday with your family and a safe drive. The time should pass more quickly with a book to listen to.

  3. Hope Flat Stanley has lots of fun to write about for the kids! The ponshawl looks great. Tell Bob to bring some long pants, too! It's not quite shorts weather yet.

  4. I think the shorts may need to wait a few days but the wrap will be perfect in our cool weather. We FINALLY have a yarn shop is a great meeting place, very popular, great classes and yarns and a super lady who owns it. Sit and Knit on Wed and Fri...come join us!! (email me for directions)
    Flat Stanley came 4 different times and was a world traveler when my husband was was fun taking his/her picture in various locals. Enjoy. Drive Safe


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