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Friday, May 28, 2010

Not much to show

Last night was our CCC fiber meeting. One of our members has been kind enough for the past two months to show our group how to make an artist idea's journal. yes, it did take some of us (hmmm) two meetings to finish! They are made with decorative file folders and papers (your choice). This is my journal...
And the inside which contains some of my 'doodling' and other painted papers. I did keep some papers plain so I can either 'doodle' or paste pics into!
I showed my fish quilted piece the other day..this is the front...
and this is the back. I just covered the fish with a freezer paper cut out then I rollered (is that a word??) paint on top of the entire piece. I hope to paint the fish sometime this weekend.
Here are some rings I made with the kids this past week using the shrinky dink. They are really fun to do and I actually like wearing them.
OK, so Sybil is doing GREAT!!! Every time I walk in the room he swims over and up to the top! Waiting for food! He's in his new bigger bowl and doing great! Even Bob watches this $4 fish (as my DIL calls him).

So an update on another 'member' of our family! My amaryllis is growing!!! Yippee!!! Actually, it looks a little weird! Won't tell you what I think it looks like but it's lovin' his new home!! It's grown at least 6-8"!
Bob's golfing today and actually yesterday was his first day of golf since last Friday. Poor guy's cold has really kept him down. Let's hope he gets rid of this cough as it's buggin everyone, even the dog. He coughed so hard last night, poor Mandy flew up out of a dead sleep barking! And she never barks! Kinda funny but at her age (mine too!) it's not good to be startled like that!


  1. LOL!!!
    I know *exactly* what you think that amarylis looks like, because that's what I think it looks like too! :D


  2. ha-ha, you are funny Robbie!! But is does kinda look like a .....

  3. Robbie! Love the fish!

    And you know, I never noticed that about amarylis plants before, hmmm...


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