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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 1!

After visiting with one of my most favorite ladies, Teresa (check out her writings here), I picked up the kids from school. Nick was going to make dinner of Mac & Cheese w/tomatoes and corn bread but decided he didn't want to cook. So big sis, Amber, stepped up and made the dinner! Amber is quite a good cook. Actually, she can't help it between her mom, auntie and I hope two grandma's!
We had a good dinner and a good night. Kids played outside and grandma worked with each of the kids & neighbor kids on the skateboard, did our homework, helped brush Mandy's teeth (yes, this is something we have to do) and they each read a little before turning off their lights.
Nick got up early this a.m. to feed the 'crying' cats @ 6:15a.m. and stayed up playing his DS games. Amber got up, we had our breakfast and then....and then..............
Before I talk about the rest of our morning, we need to go back to a year or two ago when my son and DIL went away and grandma was 'on duty'... that weekend, we got up one morning and the 'old' goldfish was dead! OH NO!! On my watch no doubt! Go Figure!!!! So that weekend, the kids and I made a box to bury the 'old' fish in, along with decorating the box and putting some papers and magazines for him to read while he was buried (don't ask! Just something I told the kids would be nice for him to have). Then we buried the 'fish' out back. Or I should say we had a FUNERAL procession!

Now back to this a.m. Amber was getting dressed for school and I happened to look over at her night table and saw where the beta fish bowl was laying on its side! MINUS THE BETA FISH!!!! Hence, a picture of what we were looking for above!
Flashbacks to a funeral were heading my way! Amber was freaking out...seems the cat got into the bowl which I understand happens from time to time (I actually, found A.J. up on her bed just a few minutes ago looking for the bowl!).
So everyone is flying around the room and I yelled "I see him!!! He's on the floor! He's not in A.J.'s stomach after all!!" So I pick him up and put the little guy back in his and what not all over his little body! Fins a little worse for wear! Poor guy! Poor Amber! Poor Grandma! Of course Nick is just kinda smirking in the background..nothing seems to phase him.
So I tell the kids, he's fine..let's get to school! Geezzzzz Please let's get to school so grandma can sit and assess the damage!
Thank goodness for the Internet! When I got back from taking the kids to school, I looked up Siamese Fighting Fish and their care (we only had tropical fish as kids and adults) and found out about their water, temp, etc. They recommended using chlorine tabs or bottled water! Yippee! bottled water...the kids have that! So I got a room temperature bottle of water, scrubbed out his little bowl and beads and put the little guy back in. He's in the grandma's infirmary right now resting with the door closed! let's hope he makes it. I did take a picture of him but didn't bring my usb cord for my camera to upload pics. So that's been my morning today! I think I'm ready for a Margarita rather than coffee...always on my watch! Stay tuned...I just have a feeling it will be an interesting weekend!


  1. i hope the little guy makes it through all you too! lol. and it's only day 1. yikes!

  2. OMG.....and I thought I was having troubles tis week with DH.
    I hope Mr. Fishy makes it and is hale and hearty, or however fish are supposed to be, real soon!
    (did you bring along nerve pills???)


  3. Oh my you poor thing! I wonder if the fish could have jumped out? I hope he survives, I hope YOU do! ha ha

  4. Oh my word Robbie!! I can just picture you and the kids looking for the fish!! Too funny! Good Luck for the rest of the weekend! :)


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