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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beading, beading and more beading..

Most of us in Michigan are aware of Ami Simms and her Alzheimer's Initiative. If you aren't, do check out Ami's web site and either bid on a quilt of make one! It's for a good cause for sure. My friend, Mary, mentioned she was making another quilt to donate to Ami and I thought, heck, I need to make one too. So the other day I put this small piece (9" x 12") together and yesterday I did the beading on it. I call it 'Hope Lights up the Darkness' . I know there will be a cure for Alzheimer's some day so I like to think there is hope for this disease and others.

Just a closeup of the fused fern and beading that I added after the quilting. The fern design is by Patsy Thompson - I have two of her DVD's which are great!
Now for the edging! You have to check out Lynn's blog - Beading Heart Art . Lynn is a wonderful artist/beader and so sharing of her techniques. Lisa, from, Indigo's Beads had a post on Lynn providing a YouTube for a beaded edge. (Check out Lisa's beaded cuffs - I have too many favorites!)

I took Lisa's suggestion and checked it out! I like putting a beaded edge on my small pieces but I've just used a buttonhole stitch to hold the beads down. Well, I tried Lynn's technique and I love it! It's quite sturdy vs using my old method. Thanks, Lynn!!! And Thanks to Lisa for putting me on to Lynn! Such talented ladies for sure!!
Do check out Lynn's YouTube for the edging and another one for a zipper stitch. The zipper stitch is similar to the rope stitch but the way she lays the stitch down it does look like a zipper. Lynn's work is just beautiful and you'll see some of her pieces in the YouTubes.

This weekend I did finish one flower and started on another one for my May BJP. The center on this flower will be dark purple which should give the contrast needed for the lilac beads.

I didn't end up using a peyote stitch for the flower. I just couldn't get it to lay the way I wanted so I need to practice using the peyote stitch on fabric. It's actually easier for me to do a free form peyote stitch! Hmmmm Maybe that what I need to do is make a free form leaf or petal. Next project (maybe!). I just used the 'fish bone' least I think that's what it's called...on my petals and most of the leaves. Yesterday it was raining all day and today it's just very overcast but it was 41 @ 7:00 a.m. which sure beats the 27 degrees we had for two days. Bob isn't golfing today either but it does give his hip a well deserved rest. I'm off to do some cleanup in my sewing room and perhaps bead some. I pick up grand kids from school today so I'll be leaving shortly.


  1. robbie, i just love your alzheimer's donation piece. it's so striking and bold, yet delicate at the same time. the name is just perfect...and such a good cause! i love everything about it. i'm glad you were able to put lynn's video to good use. she's awesome. and thank you, too, for the shout out! i hope you have a very happy day, robbie.

  2. You do such beautiful work, Robbie. You truly inspire me. I have seen Patsy's work too and she has inspired some of my machine stitching in the past. Your piece is wonderful.

  3. WOW! these are all fantastic works!
    I Love to see the quilting and beading gorgeuos.

  4. Yowza! That's awesome! Thank you so much for making this wonderful quilt for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. We so appreciate it! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  5. What a beautiful piece and so nice of you to donate it! I admire your patience with the beading!


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