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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Questions on May Flower

Hope this answers some of your questions on my May Flowers: (1) I printed the 17th century design onto my fabric using my HP printer. You can see the print on the orange fabric in the photo. I only quilted the outline of the entire piece not the center of leaves or the flowers detail - just the outline before I beaded any part. I use a small PVC hoop or just a small (very old wooden) embroidery hoop for all my beading.I think this keeps my work from puckering. I always use some type of hoop even if I'm just doing hand embroidery or stab stitch on my quilted art work as well.
(2) How did I attach the wires on the back side and what type of wire did I use? I thread 24 gauge wire onto a needle and use it just like thread. I first thread from the top of my work holding a small piece (3/4" to 1") of excess wire on the front; thread to the back and come back up to the front of my work; add my beads; and come back through that last bead with the wire just like normal beading but using wire rather than thread. I continue this until I have all the beading pieces I want. I then take my wire to the back and front a few more times then end up on the front of my work with 1/4" to 1/2" excess wire. I wrap this excess piece and my first excess piece of wire around one of the beaded pieces. I have tiny scissor clamps that allow me to twist and hide these wires. Sometimes I can even feed a wire back through a bead or two. I've yet to have any beaded pieces fall off. Yes, you do have some wire on the back just like thread but I usually cover it up with my label! I think if you click on the finished piece here you can see the green wire loops (click on the picture to make larger).
Whew! Hope this makes sense..if not, plz email me for more clarification!


  1. I just found my new favorite beading resource of all time. I had to share this link with every other bead lover out there.



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