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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bragging time about Ian!

I received an email from MJ (our DIL in Indiana) regarding the awards night at Ian's school this week. And guess who got some GREAT awards! Ian was #1 in his class ranking for academics! Isn't that fantastic! He also got several other awards and we couldn't be more proud of this young man (who by the way is having a birthday the end of this month!).

MJ said they had rec'd a call from school letting them know he was in the top 10 but didn't know he was #1 until last night. A pleasant surprise that's for sure but not a total surprise! MJ said she and Ron are so proud of him and they should be. What an accomplishment from lots of hard work!

Also, Kayla had a great yr @ Ball State, making the deans list first semester & all A's and B's second semester. "That's the result of tons of all-night studying! " to quote MJ. Kayla has such good study habits and her accomplishments at school show this as well. I didn't have a recent picture of Kayla to post but I'll have to work on that. She's going to be starting her summer job as a life guard.

Kayla and Ian have been given such a great foundation from MJ and Ron, I wouldn't expect any less from their children. They have provided such a great spiritual, moral and understanding on how our daily actions affect our lives. Great parenting, Ron & MJ! Congrats to you both as well.

Bob and I were talking about what great parents each of our kids are. It's not easy now a days to provide all that kids need. Work, home and outside influences are not easy to balance when raising children but each of the 'boys' families have done this.
So again, a
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to IAN and KAYLA!!! We love you both and share in being proud of your accomplishments!


  1. Are we beaming just a tad??? ;)
    (which is perfectly wonderful!)
    What part of Indiana is your family in?


  2. yea! WAY TO GO ian and kayla!!! i can tell how proud you are of them!


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