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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slowly but surely

Yes, slowly but surely my 'May BJP' flowers are coming along. This is all I've finished so far and it isn't even finished! I still have more of the 'green' on the top to add and no, it isn't any particular flower. That's called artistic license! I can make my flowers any color! I'm working again on the friendly felt because I wanted one of the flowers and one leaf to be 'on top' of the quilted piece. The friendly felt works perfect for that effect. I'll start on the leaf next then I can start beading directly onto my quilted piece.

I've been meaning to post about the BEST pencil sharpener I've found! All of my pencil sharpeners seem to end up eating more of my pencils rather than sharpening them. So, when we went to an art store in Florida , I happened upon the Prismacolor pencil sharpener and just thought I'd pick up one. I'm so glad I did!
This is the best sharpener and for under $3! I use the Prismacolor pencils quite a bit in my work and even though I don't always use a sharp, pointed edge, I do still have to sharpen them from time to time. This pencil sharpener 'eats' only what it should! If you see these at your local store or you're ordering from Dick Blick or another online art store, add one to your cart. You won't be sorry! I have the top off so you can see how it comes apart. Easily fits in my sewing bag.
I finished two postcards using the photos I took from the wine box I posted about a week or so ago. I just love these face figures so I printed them on fabric coated with Golden's digital matt medium. I have to admit is was easy to sew/bead through the coated fabric and the picture turned out quite vivid. I mailed both my cards today. I also added beads for her eyes and colored her lips.
So I'm off for Mandy's hair appt. She doesn't need roots dyed..only a shampoo and trim! She is also getting some of her shots today and refill on her heartworm meds. Mandy won't be happy after all that but....Bob is golfing even though it's quite windy out. Temps have been running in the mid to high 60's but sure feels cooler with all that wind. We've also had rain at night which makes the grass and weeds grow! UGH..I hate weeding but have on my schedule to weed in the a.m. on Wed. before I get the grand kids from school. We'll see how that goes!


  1. I will remember about the sharpener, if ever I come across them. Your postcard turned out good. Good use of the print.

  2. I am going to have to order one of those sharpeners.
    Last evening I sharpened all my Prismacolors with my electric sharpener.
    (now, think, Anne....electric, running, HOT.....)
    I spent an HOUR cleaning the melted Prisma leds from the teeth of the beast! It was NOT fun, and it too ate waaaaay too much!
    Live and learn..... >:{



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