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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bragging Rights!

Not only is our grandson, Ian, a great balloon blower upper! He's also great at track! His mom sent me this email with his last race results:
Ian finished track season this week. He got second in the individual mile and first in the mile relay. They were 4 seconds away from the track record in the mile relay! Next yr he's on the high school team.
Congrats, Ian!!! Way to go!!! I was keeping his stats on my sidebar last year but 'grandpa' wasn't updating me all the time. The kids now have broadband rather than dial-up for Internet so I'm sure MJ will keep me posted more often next year! And I can't believe Ian will be on the high school team next year either! He does have a BD coming up the end of this month..boy, someone is getting old(er)!

And here is the other reason I'm bragging today! Yep, that's our girl, Mandy, resting! The next picture will tell you why!

Mandy received her certificate of achievement for her TDIA (Therapy Dog International Active) for accumulating 50 or more Therapy Dog visits. Yea, Mandy! She would most likely rec'd this award sooner if her 'mum' could remember to get the form signed for each visit!
I have to admit we haven't visited the local hospice since we got home from Florida nor attended any reading programs yet. We'll be starting back up shortly as I've discovered an easier way to pick up our 'little' girl (it's quite hard on the hands and shoulders). She weighs 28lbs so she's not light weight (although, I just tell her she's big boned and not fat!).

So that's all the bragging I'll do today! Off to finish some laundry and some beading, of course!


  1. way to go ian! super job mandy! isn't it nice to show off about the good things in life?

  2. Congratulations to Ian and Mandy both. I hope you share your secret of picking Mandy up. Reva protests going into her crate sometimes and I could use a trick or two.

  3. Congratulations Ian and Mandy!

    Rosie's a little jealous -- she wants to do that and get her CGC also, but her person just can't seem to make time...


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