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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, I have been doing art work

Those who follow my blog may remember my fish doodle that I drew up as my June BJP inspiration. Funny, how I thought of a fish WAY before my 'fish' week with the kids! Anyway, last week before I did the babysitting 'thing', I drew my fish outline onto a piece of hand dyed fabric. I want this fish to be really bright so I'm using this lime green piece. You can see the outline that I FMQ'd. I have to tie off my threads then I'll quilt the rest of the background leaving the fish as is. And no, I don't take my threads to the back and tie off. I tie my knot on the front and then put my needle back into that stitch, through the batting and up to the top and cut off. This is a technique some long arm quilters use and I like that my 'knots' don't show on the background or on the back.
Again, before I left last week, I had this piece of fabric I had dyed and I thought it would be a good piece to quilt to see how I might want to quilt my BJP. I had the entire piece quilted last Wed. so yesterday and today I hand painted the front. This piece measures approximately 19" x 19". Can you guess what colors my fish BJP is going to be for June??
I'm going to also hand paint the back of this piece because I want to put it in my Art Diary (see my widget at the top of my blog). I'm thinking I might use the roller to paint over the piece, with the exception of the fish which I'll hand paint different colors. Just playing with different painting techniques and getting ideas on the beads I want to use to bead June's BJP.
I also had a stamped piece that I had done using my own hand stamp (made in Dijanne's online lino cut class). After some FMQ'ing I thought it would also be good for Ami's Art Quilt Initiative, so I'm going to finish it off and send in for my 2nd donation.
I'm now beading the edges and then I'll add some beading on the quilting design as well. I don't like the edge that shows in the middle so hopefully it can get covered up with some beads. See, I have been doing art before and since my babysitting gig!
I just know 'curious minds' want to know how "Sybil" is doing. He's doing good! I was a little worried because he hasn't been eating so today i went to the pet store and got him some blood worms. I've read that these are well liked by beta's and it worked! He ate 3 of them!! Yippee!!
You can see the little blood worm at the top.

Here he is going after his last worm!
I also bought him a thermometer so I know what the temp of his water is, a new net, a new plant for in his bowl and a turkey baster! I mentioned that I've read lots on the internet for taking care of these little guys..well, they recommend using a turkey baster to remove pellets or worms that they don't eat within a few minutes. Helps to keep the water clean. I also bought a gallon of drinking water (no minerals in it) to use when I change his water. He's actually a cute little guy and I hope his fins grow back. Looks like he had a bad hair cut!


  1. Ohhhh, I love the fishy! What a handsome little guy!
    I do wonder if their fins regenerate?
    But hey, you got a tough one; I think it can survive anything! (and I admit I never laughed so hard in my life......sorry.....)
    And yes, the art is very nice too! ;)


  2. I love the fish drawing and the background quilting in the finished piece!!

  3. Robbie each post gets better and better. I am really enjoying your fishy posts, I know I'm going to love the color in your next beaded piece.
    Hey, are you the one who saves labels?


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