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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 2!

Must just be a 'cat weekend'...Thursday night we forgot to put the cats downstairs so Friday they got us up early, but that's ok we had to get up for school! So last night we remembered to shut the cats downstairs. The kids forgot to tell me that they start knocking on their door at 5:15 a.m. to be fed! Cats knocking on their door! What's up with that! I thought all cats did was lay around and sleep or catch mice! I kept going downstairs telling them to go back to kitty sleep or else they would be going to kitty sleep! Nick finally fed them @ 6:10 a.m. But who can sleep after that...Mandy can! Didn't bother her a bit! She slept through the whole cat noise episode.
Well, so far the Beta fish survived another day, so far! Even with ANOTHER visit from the cat this a.m.! I put a mesh cover over the top of the bowl yesterday while he was in the grandma infirmary, but I just happened by Amber's room and saw AJ was lying on the bed and the fish bowl tipped over on its side again. Grandma panic set in...but this time we only lost a little water and the fish remained in the bowl! Thank goodness for that!
Auntie and I decided the poor fish is going to be traumatized and require therapy..hence, Auntie has named the fish 'Sybil'! I can just see the eyes on this fish bulge out when he sees the cat coming into the room. He's probably saying "oh great! Here he comes again...I better hang on. Maybe I'll pretend I'm not a fish and he'll go away!" Poor fish....
After school Friday we came home and played outside, no homework tonight. While Amber and her girl friends played, I was a pitcher/catcher/baseman for softball with Nick and his buddy. Yea, this 63 1/2 yr old was running around bases trying to get Nick 'out'! I told the kids they might have to perform CPR if this keeps up!

Thank goodness for Auntie! She and Uncle Jeff had us over for fish fry from the Legion Hall. Boy, was that ever good cod! Of course Nick had his hot dogs (2) and mac/cheese while the rest of us filled up on the great fish. Thanks, auntie and Uncle Jeff!! Plus, Auntie bought us blizzards to take home, so after kids took their showers we each dug into the blizzards. None of us could finish even half of them so we'll have them for dessert for the next day or two!
Today, Auntie is coming over to pick us up for a shopping day. We're going to Trader Joe's or Papa Jo's then to Barnes & Noble and who knows where else. When we get home, kids and I will go to the library then back home to make shrinky dink rings. These are so cool and fun to make. I made 3 of them the other day just to try out the technique by Alisa Burke. There's another tutorial by PlantJune that was quite good as well.
Surviving another day...the fish and I that is! Until tomorrow......

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  1. Get a LARGE ROCK, and clean it and put it in the bottom of the fish bowl.
    Kitty can paw away, but the bowl shouldn't go anywhere (although I would be tempted to send kitty....)
    This is almost like a comedy!
    Not for you I am sure!



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