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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Library Quilts

Our library sits in a very historic 1800 building and until a week ago the inside even looked like you were still in the 1800's! The inside has finally been painted, new carpet and lights installed!!! There were always holes in the walls and peeling so I started to donate some of my project quilts to cover those same holes. I picked up the quilts to clean for them and I'll take back this week. So I thought I'd share some of my donation quilts I've made over the past few years.

This quilt I designed in 2005 while we were in Florida and it hangs behind the front desk. If I remember correctly it's about 45" square or a little larger. AND yes, I took this pic while the quilt was on the floor..just lucky my feet didn't show!
This is a closeup of the tree. I photo transferred pixs of books...I think I was trying to relay they were falling from the tree?? Hmmm I don't really remember but that sounds good!
Just a closeup of the bunny block, which I thread painted.

This is a quilt I made for our guild challenge in 2001 and I took a 2nd place. The theme was nursery rhyme and I couldn't decide which one to do so I did several! It's around 20" x 20". This was the first quilt I donated and they put it in the children's section.

Closeup of one block...

This was a Robbi Jo Elkow pattern. My friend Carol T and I took a class from Robbi in Huston around 2003??

This is a Lenore Crawford pattern from her workshop last July (2009).
Again, my friend Carol and I took a workshop from Velda Newman around 2001 or 2002. It was so much fun and I had to buy her book. This is from a pattern in her book that I finished that same year.

I won't show these pieces anywhere so they do make good wall hangings for the library. Our head librarian, Kara, is always so happy to get them and tells me everyone enjoys looking at them.

And of course, 'Sybil' saying "hey, mum, where's my food!" He comes up front every time we walk in the sewing room! what a hoot!

Bob power washed the deck yesterday, so it's all ready to touch up some areas and paint the deck floor. Today I'm going to a local market for some goodies and then we'll do windows when I get back. I'm beading and working on some hand stitching for the South of the Border exhibit so those pics will be later this week. Beading my fish is taking lots of time! Using delica's again which I love, love, love!!!
Temp has been in the 80's past week and expected up to 89 today! gotta love that air conditioning! We open windows in the a.m. and turn the air on later in the day. I love having the windows open...but don't like sweating, the air helps Bob breath easier.


  1. Wow! Brain overload!

    Bed time here - I'll post a proper comment tomorrow!


  2. These are wonderful! I was trying to decide which was my favorite but gave up because I like them all too much! I love that you've donated them to the library. I've seen quilts in some libraries and think it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Lovely work you have created and so kind and generous of you to donate it. I love the books falling out of the tree one.

    Glad the fishy is doing so well.

  4. I enjoyed this and I want to see if I can get the 'Robbi Jo Elkow pattern'my son really like it he plays the guitar. Maybe I can make it for him. I am fairly new to quilting. Thanks for taking the time to share your work. Tania


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