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Friday, February 17, 2017

Last weekend and a dog agility activity!

This past weekend was busy starting with Friday.  One of Gigi's buds, Ranger, was in an agility event this weekend.  So off I went on Friday afternoon to watch his run.

  Only problem, Ranger's run wasn't until after I left....he ran after 5 p.m. and because I turn into a pumpkin I had to get back home.  BUT good news was Ranger did great!

This was the note attached to the picture on FaceBook of Elizabeth and Ranger from her sister, Jane:

"Well Ranger finally did it...he earned his first AKC "Q" in Novice JWW today and a third place. One more shot at Novice Standard course Sunday afternoon. CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth and Ranger".

Isn't Ranger adorable!!!  He's the only dog, other than Kalee, that Gigi has played with!  

So on Saturday, I headed back over to the fairgrounds to watch this team!  Let me say that Ranger had a good time today!  Elizabeth not so much fun!  

But....they are a great team and have come so far.  All I can say is congrats to you both, Elizabeth and Ranger!  You are wonderful together and have come so far.  You are my (and Gigi's!) idols!


  1. I couldn't get the video to play. But I can imagine! I showed Irish Setter comedians in breed and obedience. It was always good for a laugh!

  2. I, too, got error messages on the videos. Ranger is cute, and it's entertaining to watch the agility classes.

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