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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy BD, Amber!!!

Today is Amber's 17th birthday!!!  I can't believe it!!!  17 years since we held that little baby in our arms!!  Darrin and Kris had us all over to celebrate on Sunday and as usual it was a fantastic meal.  Darrin did his 'smokin' routine or beef brisket and pulled pork, which was wonderful!!  Of course, Kris always outdoes herself on the rest of the dishes!!!  I forgot to take any pictures as I was too busy filling my plate!

This was Dawn's card to Amber.  Dawn always treats Amber to a personal day!!  Such a nice time they have every year!  Dawn is such a great auntie!!

The cake was really good and just beautiful!  Check out the candle!  My bud, Jan, in Florida had one of these candles which you light the center, which in turn lights the rest of the candle then it spins and plays Happy Birthday!!  And plays Happy Birthday, and plays and plays and plays!  Darrin even put it in the swimming pool and it still played!!!

You can see a video here on their website!  For some reason, I'm having another problem uploading my video!

Here's the video of our lighting the cake!  What a great fun day!!!  And Happy Birthday again, Amber!!!  Love ya!

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  1. Love those candles. That Ever Ready Bunny sure does his magic with it. Kids grow up so fast!! Bling an eye and there they go out the door.
    xx, Carol