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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Off to see my sister!

I don't think my sister will have on her 'babushka' when I arrive for my visit tomorrow!  But I think she'll be waiting at the door for me!  See you soon, Sis!!


Roberta said...

Enjoy your sister time!

Createology said...

Safe Travels and enjoy making lots of new memories!

Nancy said...

Have fun! I forgot all about those head scarves. I had quite a wardrobe of them growing up in the Northeast. Fashion statments. Thanks for those two books.. my husband looked through them and will lend them to a horseman neighbor who is having hip surgery. He should enjoy them, too. And a guild member was leafing through them when I returned to the table. Her family always had Quarter Horses. She was quite indignant to note "Three Bars isn't in here." Who knew?? Not me. To prove I'm not a robot I must type 6 vallions. I always note those words, and I rather like vallions. I think I'll make up a meaning for it.