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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Early!

For you folks who are just getting into zentangles, check out Suzanne McNeill's blog post from this past week! Suzanne always posts a new zentangle pattern at the end of her blog post and she's featured one of my zentangle journals! How nice is that! If you are just starting on creating 'tangles', do check out older posts from Suzanne for inspiration and patterns! Also, check out her new book 'Zentangle - Fabric Art - Quilting - Embroidery'. And yes, I've purchased it and love it!

Today we had our first snow on the ground. So that means now I'm ready to head to Florida. I always have mixed feelings on leaving our home each December. But as soon as the cold wind and snow hit, baby, I'm ready to head south!!

Now to finish Christmas gifts (yes, I'm still working on them!!) get all my art supplies packed up and have holidays with the family. Then off we go! I just made our reservations for our favorite hotels on the way and ended up with some great deals!!! Book early and save, as they say!


  1. Love these hearts. The new book sounds interesting. Safe travels.

  2. You do great work Robbie, glad to post it and thanks for taking the time to send it in. Enjoy Florida.