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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a busy Tuesday

Yep, just a busy day of 'dyeing' but not fabric! My roots! Gotta keep that gray covered up! Since I have no current art work to show, thought I'd post some old work from our previous MQAI exhibit. These two pieces are from the 'Art of Music' theme/exhibit from 2007.
The quilt above is from a photograph by Jeff Blye that I traced onto fabric; dye painted with thicken fiber reactive dyes, free motion quilted and of course! added beads for the guitar strings. I happened upon Jeff's photo's a few years ago and he was kind enough to allow me to use them in my quilts. I think this is my 2nd or 3rd piece I've made from one of his photo's. This quilt is 20" x 24" (as are all of the MQAI quilts).

This next piece was also made for the 'Art of Music' exhibit. I call this one 'Listen To Their Song'. I love all Native American art work and I happened upon a web site with paintings by Brigitte Peters Lopez. I was taken by several of her paintings and emailed asking for permission to use them in my piece, which she granted. You can see Brigitte's art work on her web site here.
I had this hand dyed piece of fabric in orange and blues (haven't a clue how I got it that way!) so I ended up painting some old Tyvek envelopes with fabric paint in a metallic blue; I burnt areas to create open spaces on the painted Tyvek then laid pictures I had printed out (some of Brigitte's) and some Native American songs/music under the burnt out areas; I couched down twisted threads and hand stitched large arrows throughout. Just a different take, I thought, on the Art of Music theme.

I love playing with Tyvek and adding it in my art work (you can see one of my most recent pieces here). This was a fun piece to do and I certainly learned a lot about the music Native American Indians created. For example, the 'War Dance' wasn't done to entice them to go to war but to protect them during war and protect those who remained on their reservation.

So tomorrow we go for Bob's checkup on his hip. We're hoping to learn more on what he should or shouldn't do...since we (OK, I!) think he's overdoing certain routines. We need to get him totally healed for his winter golf! Speaking of which, we leave in 27 days!! Yikes! Double Yikes!! Hard to believe..especially since our weather has still been decent! Low 20's in the a.m. but it was 50 degrees yesterday! I'll really be ready for Florida when that 1st snowfall hits!


  1. those aren't just quilts, robbie...those are works of art! wow!

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

    I am so jealous!

    I want to go someplace warm too..bah hate winter.

    Love the quilts, by the way, but you already knew that!

  3. You make such interesting pieces, Robbie. They are all so different but all beautiful and show so much talent and innovation. I'm always amazed. Well done, I especially love that Listen To Their Song piece.


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