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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Latest Project & Book Review Time

Yes, this is my latest project I just finished! HA OK, not of my friends, Elsie, from our fiber group, brought me several B&B magazines and this picture of a beaded car!! Can you believe this!!! David Best, designed this 'beadmobile' by glueing 1,200 beads/embellishments to this 1962 Cadillac. You can read more about the car here.

Yes, it's book review time! My friends and family didn't know that I had this side job! NOT! I do like to read..well, actually I listen to books on tape more than I read them. Only get time to read at night in bed while hubby watches news or NatGeo!

Anyway, Winter Garden is such a good read!!! I loved this book and stayed up to finish it one night. The reviews talk about 'female bonding' but I just loved the story and the 'tale' the mother would tell. It's a quick read and just a tip...if you want to get best sellers or a favorite book from the library, check on the LARGE PRINT edition. I get large print books just because they're easier to read but I've noticed that I can get a large print book immediately or quicker than ordering the regular print book. I hate being 1 or 50! waiting for a book! No charge for that tip!

OK, if you want to read a funny and heart warming book, check out Lisa Scottoline's latest Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog. I like Scottoline's mystery books and have read most of them. This latest one isn't a mystery but writings about her life. What a hoot! I'm laughing at night and have to interrupt Bob's TV watching by telling him some of the stories. Really a funny book.

I want to play today with some ideas from another art book I got from the library. I also ordered The Art of Bead Embroidery after getting it from the library. What a cool book...both authors are wonderful beaders and I'm on their web sites often just drooling over their work!


  1. That car is amazing. I want one. That book on bead embroidery is great too. I wish I could read. It makes me so sleepy. I am going to try that book on tapes idea. I never watch TV anyway. That would make me lose my place in my bead work.

  2. I cannot believe that car! What an enormous amount of work that had to be!

    I appreciate your book reviews, being a big reader myself. That 3rd husband book sounds like a hoot! I'm going to look for it.

  3. Incredible car! I think I'm going to start on mine! Thanks for sharing that.


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