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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November BJP and another book review!

I've posted before about Margaret Ball's 'EMBEADERY' book and how much I reference it! Once again, Margaret's book came to my rescue! I bought this book several years ago and even had a spiral binding put on so the book would lay flat when I'm following the beading instructions.
But back to my post...I had a design in mind for my November BJP but just couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to bead my 'idea'. So, I did what I always do! Look at Margaret's book!
If you look closely on the right side of the picture, you see some orange tabs...those are pages that I marked for this month's project. Yes, there are several but I wanted to have several different stitches on my BJP. If you haven't read/seen this book and if you're a beader (newbie or not) and enjoy beading embroidery, this is a must have for reference and inspiration. I can't tell you how often I look at other beading books, and granted get ideas from them, but I always end up going back to Margaret's book for stitching!

So after getting inspiration from Embeadery, I proceeded to pull beads from my stash. Now see if you can guess what I'm going to bead! Shades of blues, whites, purples and maybe even throw in some pale pinks!

This is my background piece for November. I quilted very little on the background this time. This piece measures 12" x 10" but it will be cut down to a journal size of 8 1/2" x 11 or close to that! No ideas yet on what I'm doing??
TaDa! OK, so you still don't know what I'm doing! Guess I better say or maybe not! Maybe I should wait to see what folks think and then I can always change my mind!! hmmmmm So what do you think my idea is?? Any comments??

And guess what! I won a piece 'mail art' from A Creative Dream's monthly give-away! I'm so excited that I'll be getting one of June's original mail art pieces!! I can't wait!!! And yes, I'll post a picture as soon as I get it!!
June's blog post on mail art got me started on creating those unique envelopes! Her blog, A Creative Dream, is certainly that! June is such a talented and creative person and shares her talent and creativity with her readers! Just check out her recent posts on creating a 'repurposed book' . She actually did four different posts on the ENTIRE process!! So very cool!! You can see the 1st post here. I know once you see this post you want to follow up with the other 3! Make sure you sign up to be a follower as well! You'll love the inspiration...and make sure to comment! Although, some of us tend to follow her blog and lurk rather than comment..I blame it on the wine or margarita's hampering the ability to type! But look what happened to me when I commented! I won!! Guess I must have entered before I had that margarita!

So off to do some 'unsewing' on a quilted piece I'm working on. Long story...ugh story...then to bead while watching our Lions play today! Let's hope for a win! Or at least a good showing..which they have done..but the win would be so much nicer!


  1. Gosh - I wrote the book, and I can't guess what you're doing! Another clue please?

    (And thanks for the review!)

  2. hmm... the quilting lines and cool color beads put me in mind of the wintry wind. But I haven't seen the book, so will wait patiently to see what you are doing here.

  3. I love those beads you showed -- just like candy -- without the calories!

  4. I have that book too and refer to it a lot. Very well done. What is your next project? I don't know but I like your bead choices. Maybe it is a snow storm at night? Old man winter blowing up a storm? I shall have to wait and see. Oh, very cool that you won the giveaway!

  5. Thanks for comments one and all!! I wanted to make 'snowflakes' for my Nov. BJP! But I like the 'winter wind' theme some of you have mentioned. Thanks for the idea!! Now I have my new title...just need to get all the snowflakes made!!


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