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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The tree is up

The tree is up....

The fireplace is on...

Now just waiting for friends to sit and enjoy each others company!

Our annual CCC Fiber group Christmas Party is today. I'm all ready and just sitting here with the dogs (Cody came over to visit for an hour or two). This is our last get-together for the year so it's always a relaxing time with food, drink, conversation and of course show & tell! We also have a yearly challenge and this year is no different. The challenge is to make an art piece based on a poem. I know there are going to be lots of different techniques and I can't wait to see what everyone did. I'll post pics tomorrow before the Lions play of course!
And, yes, those are golf clubs beside the fireplace. Our downstairs family room is decorated in golf items Bob has collected over the years. Those particular clubs in the picture are quite old and I believe are made of wood. I leave a lot of the golf items up as that's our room and I don't mind mixing Christmas with our hobbies. Heck, my quilts are hung all over the house!


  1. I am so impressed... the tree up, stocking hung, fireplace lit and ready to partayyy. Enjoy! By the way, I think it's actually Peggy's Heirloom's of Tomorrow you heard moved. They went from Circle Square Plaza on 200 to Heathbrook Marketplace near the Panera's, also on 200. Very nice location! Tomorrow's Treasures is still near the bead shop in Jasmine Plaza. So the Bernina can go there still.

  2. Oh Wonderful,
    I miss cold Xmas, here in Australia it can be so hot.


  3. Eek! Christmas trees already! Too soon - Not ready! Need more time!

    Your tree is beautiful Robbie!


  4. It all looks very inviting. I look forward to seeing photos of your latest challenge.

    Nice clubs.


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