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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just some stuff..

Just so you know I'm NOT sitting back eating bon bons and watching the boob tube!
This is a portion of a completed piece for our yearly fiber group challenge. We have to create an art piece based on a poem that inspired us. We're meeting at my house on the 13th for our annual Christmas party and I'm looking forward to time with all the ladies to just sit and relax and see all the show and tell..and see what others have created for their challenge pieces.
Last month at our fiber meeting, Michelle led us in doing a 'pass it on' Zentangle. We each started with a small area and then passed our piece onto the person next to us. We had at least 10 of us at the meeting and my piece is below. I've added some watercolor to the background and stamped 'CCC' on the piece. The name of our fiber group is Complex Cloth Club.

This next piece was something I played with using gel medium as a transfer from an injet printed transparency. I added some 'tangles' after transferring the poem onto a hard canvas. I was happy with the way it turned out. You might have to click on it to read the poem by Walt Whitman.
This month at our meeting I led the ladies on making 'mail art'. What fun! I made two of these before the meeting and enjoyed the process..quick, easy and good way to use up some 'stuff' in my art room! You can see the process on RobenMarie's youtube below. Here are some of the mail art I've done. I used some old Christmas cards and wrapping paper to create the Christmas mail art.


  1. Is that little butterfly painted and stitched??? Can't wait to see this piece complete.
    Love the pass it on Zentangle idea!

  2. Love that butterfly -- same questions as QR! I may borrow the pass it on Zentangle idea.

  3. Hi Robbie,

    Thank you for comments re my finished projects. Love your butterfly and all the work you have posted, it is not "just some stuff".


  4. I love the butterfly! I think it is great that you have a group of like minded people to share your craft with. You are very lucky!

    Thanks also for your comment on my recent blog posting.

  5. Well wow!! The pass-along zentangle is wonderful. And then you've packed this post with even more fun stuff. Does the fun never stop?? Not a chance. So many projects, so little time.


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