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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yep, it's my baby's BD today! 42! Yikes! I did head down to kids last night and we got to celebrate Darrin's BD. Reason being, he's in the Iceman Race in Kalkaska today! They headed out around 4:00 a.m. to drive up to Kalkaska..yes, that is dedication! I'm dedicated but not to running/biking in 20 degree weather nor getting up at 4:00 a.m. to punish myself. Although, for Darrin, he gets up at that time daily to head to the gym or work out before he goes to work!
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Mum is thinking of you and hoping you're drinking lots of water even though it's freezing outside!! It was 25 degrees @ 9:00 a.m.
This was a 'bumpy' cake we had for Darrin and yes, he needed help to blow out the two candles! he he

We filled up on great Mostaccioli from Italia Gardens and I picked up the cake from their local bakery. Yum! I bought grandpa and I two cupcakes to have tonight..along with butternut squash soup that Kris made! Kris is a great cook and I tried some of the soup. It was SO good! I have fresh bread and now the soup for Bob and I for dinner tonight!

Kids wanted to have the candles lite in the dining room. Kris had the entire house decorated for Halloween and it was so cute!! I should have taken more pictures of the decorations.
Pictures are out of order but family is just interested in seeing the kids anyway!
Nick really does smile a lot but not always when he's getting his picture taken (gets that from grandma!). This is his flag football that he has signed by his team and his medal for playing. I really enjoyed going to those games as well. His last game was a week ago and Amber only has two games left which will be played as a double header (go figure, for kids, a double header!) next Friday.
Oh, while Amber's playing basketball, Nick is on the other side of the gym playing basketball and sitting with his 'harem'! I thought this was so funny when the two little girls walked up to him and sat down.
So last night was also our opening for the Inspired by the Masters art exhibit. You can read more about it here on our SAQA blog post. You can also see some of the artwork which will be on display on that post as well.

Obviously, I didn't attend nor did our other artist, LoisAnn, who now lives in Italy. LA and I didn't want to miss the opening so I made up a stick with our pictures on both sides and gave to Mary to take with her. Before I took the 'stick' to Mary, I walked into the living room and Bob had the stick on my chair. I started to laugh as he said "well, you're never here sitting in your chair so I thought I'd put your picture there and pretend you're sitting with me". I had to take a picture as I thought that was a hoot..little things make me laugh now a days!
For my family/friends out of state, here's our girl playing basketball! She's in green top far right and the girl who gets the ball! I didn't get any video's of her making the baskets or all of the rebounds she got! Way to go, baby girl!!!! Love you!!

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