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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BJP 2011 and a book review!

I've been busy everyday but can't post pictures because most of my work has to do with Christmas gifts! Hence, don't want the recipient(s) to get a preview! Plus, I've been designing my fiber art Valentine that we do each year for Fiber Arts Magazine, Valentine challenge. Each year our CCC fiber group exchange names and mail our fiber Valentine to the magazine. Our group has been in their magazine and/or online catalog each year!

I also signed up for the BJP again for 2011! I've really enjoyed this year and look forward to starting next year as well. Although I do have to finish Nov. and Dec. I did work on my BJP yesterday but I didn't care for how the quilting was turning out so I pitched it! If you're interested in joining the BJP 2011, you can register online here and you can see my journals for this year here.

I do have a book review for you! I had ordered this book through our library a few weeks ago and I just loved it! SO, I splurged and it was delivered over the weekend. It's a great bead book written by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini. Their work is just plain gorgeous!! Stunning!! Beautiful!! True, the book is primarily about jewelery but it has so much inspiration in it I'm having a hard time wanting to put aside my gift making and get busy transferring their jewelery ideas onto fabric!

Let's face it...all beading is made up of the same stitches. It just depends on how and where you put them. I'd highly recommend this book to any beader, whether it's jewelery or bead embroidery that is your favorite past time! This book is definitely coming to Florida with me (along with about 20 other books!). Even if you aren't interested in the book, do check out Heidi and Sherry's web sites (links above in previous paragraph). You'll be amazed!
And if you want to find the best price on the 'net' for any book, go to This is a great site that will find the book you want and list all the prices including shipping. You can find some great deals there! Which can be a good thing or a bad thing! We'll keep thinking it's a good thing!


  1. I too just bought that book. I love it! The instructions are very clear, good photos etc. Not all bead embroidery books are that well written!

  2. I got this book when I decided to start bead embroidering! I love it. And I completely agree with you- their work is absolutely inspirational.

  3. It's a favorite of mine too, robbie.

  4. I purchased Sherry's book too and it is WONDERFUL! I have actually taken 4 classes with her in Atlanta and just love her (and her work) to pieces! She helped me so much, especially in finishing detail. I just joined BJP 2011 and will be excited to see how it goes! Marcy

  5. I'm envious, Marcia, that you had four classes with Sherry! As I'm sure the others are as well! Isn't it interesting that each of you ladies have this book! I love it!!! Thanks all for posting!


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