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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday Outing

On Saturday, I had an outing all on my own! I posted awhile back about the exhibit my friend Mary had in Lapeer along with a glass artist. Well, it just so happened that the glass artist, David Hilty was having an open studio this past weekend. Of course with the Lions playing on Sunday I wouldn't leave the house so I elected to go visit his open studio on Sat. I'm so glad I did! In addition to purchasing some great Christmas gifts, I also learned some things on glass making up close and personal! It's one thing to see this art being done on the TV but another when you see these artists work in person. David has a studio in a separate building on his property and hold workshops as well. His art and art of some of his students/protege's are also on display around our town. You can check out his web site here to see where he is selling his art and more about his studio and workshops. The day was beautiful so I enjoyed walking around the property, watching them. Below is David making a pumpkin glass ornament. I forget the other two artists, which really makes me mad..but being old you have an excuse, right! David started out with just a plug of glass and kept heating, yada, yada..the fellow on the right was making the stem which you'll see being attached, cut and heated to turn it to a metallic color.

Below is David shaping the glass and when it's the size he wants he'll drop in a mold to get the pumpkin marks.

The molds below are what David used for the stem (smaller mold) and the pumpkin shape. You can see more on the process in the two video's. So very cool! I did also make a stop at our local cider mill since it's on the way home! Picked up some apples, applesauce, great pickles! and of course some donuts! They aren't sitting so well on my stomach..maybe if I only ate one I'd be ok!! hmmmm
Today (Sunday) I did get my downstairs all decorated for Christmas! Yep, tree is up and mantle is decorated! We're having our annual Christmas party at our house this Sat. for our CCC fiber group. We always have a good time and our yearly challenge is due as well. Tomorrow is our small Aussome fiber meeting and I'll be anxious to hear all about the opening ladies went to on Friday. Oh, Lions lost today...23 - 20...sad loss...they should have won. Well, there's always next week. They certainly didn't have anything to be ashamed of today. I thought they played great!

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