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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More awards

I didn't get all the awards posted yesterday! Here's the latest!

Amber is in 3rd grade at Clear Lake Elementary school and she was one of three in her grade awarded the Principal's Award this past Thursday! How cool is that!
Amber with her award!
Other students who received the award.
Amber does really well in school and I'm really proud of her receiving this recognition!! They were going on a field trip to Huckleberry Railroad after! Can't wait to hear all the stories about that trip!
Darrin and his buddies were in a 6 hour adventure race on Sat. This was a headline in the Oakland Press. That is all four of them, from left to right (John Hufstedler, Darrin S, Mark Ware, and Ed Broadbear). Darrin and Ed came in 1st place with John and Mark right behind them in 2nd! Way to go!!!! This race was held downtown in Pontiac, Michigan!
This was an writeup Darrin sent on the race. Interesting for those who race and for Mom's!

All teams had to try and collect as many CP’s at the start and then catch a 8:20am SMART Bus in downtown Pontiac, MI that would take us to the canoe leg over 5 miles away (over by Great Lakes Crossing.) Our two teams grabbed some CP’s and made it to the bus pickup in time; then played it smart and stayed to the front of the bus and exited towards the front of the pack and started back on foot for the 2-1/2 mile trek to the canoe leg. We kept a great pace and hit the canoes in 2nd place; then headed out for 3-CP’s in three different lakes. By the end of the canoe leg, Ed and I were in 1st place over all and John and Mark (Team Jeep) were pulling in a clean 3rd spot finish. The next leg would take us back on foot for 2-CP’s in the woods with lots of poison ivy and then on to the Mt. Bike leg for 9-CP’s heading back towards the Start/Finish for additional CP’s in downtown Pontiac. The Mt. Bike leg took us through the outskirts of Pontiac and in to some very interesting areas…yes, very interesting areas!!! The rails for trails section still had the large broken concrete rock along with anything else you could think of, so you had to be very careful when traveling on this section as well as the legs just kept working to push you out of a rut or sand. About mid way through the Mt Bike section the race had another O-Course Section with 2-CP’s and more poison ivy!! By this time our two teams cleared the course and clearly had 1st place over all, we then jumped back on the bikes and made our way back to the Start/Finish area and then back to the down Urban Challenge; the last two CP’s took us around town. The first CP was in a Parking deck, but hidden very well; the second CP was located in the Chase Bank building and on the 14th floor…and NO ELEVATOR allowed per race instructions, so both of our teams started climbing the stairs and man was that stairwell “HOT” with no moving air…just lot’s of humid air! Once we grabbed the last CP on the 14th floor…we headed back with ALL CP’s punched and a 1st Place Overall finish!!!

It clearly shows how Team Work can get you to the finish line when you set your Goals and work together…!
We had some dark skies last night. I"ll post pics tomorrow. Looked really scary out but the rain wasn't all that bad. Sun is out now and I'm sure it will be a tad muggy today but temps are only suppose to be in the high 60's to low 70's.

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