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Monday, February 15, 2021

Finished Collage

 I finally finished a small, paper collage piece I was working on this past winter.  I'm happy with how it turned out and will sit it on one of the end tables either in LR, computer room or where ever there's an empty space!  HA

I didn't do a lot of free motion quilting....seemed strange to do any sewing since I haven't done any quilting in months!!!

Fortunately, I have more than enough threads of every color!!!

Yes, I am hung up on using black and white for bindings.  That's due to my bud, Mary, who does so many great quilt piece of art work.  She uses b/w often in her work and she's also to blame for me cutting up old quilts for other uses!  HA  Mary cuts up her quilts all the time!

This piece is all paper (with exception of binding) and measures 10"x10".

I have a post on more mono printing coming later this week but showing more layering techniques.  Some are duds and some turned out great.  My plan is to use these mono prints as inserts for cards that I send out to friends.  

I used this type of card for inserting Valentines several years ago.  This picture shows my fiber Valentine inserts from 2019.  I got this idea from Mary Ann Van Soest!  Thanks, Mary Ann!)  I think using some of my  printed papers will fill the insert and hopefully look nice to receive.  Not sure if I'll do any stitching on the papers or not.  Time will tell!


  1. Your finished collage is really interesting and great colors....also love the idea of making cards with monoprints.

  2. Pretty- I had to go back and re-read to make sure I understood- this is paper! Interesting.


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