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Monday, May 27, 2019

Some success...some not!

We're still printing with the Gelli plate in our MIP online class.  So what to do with all these papers you ask!  Well, we're working on making some little books. 

First up was an accordion book, which I did finish.  I used some of my older papers that I printed on  lighter weight paper. 

I have to say at times it hard working with the light papers or deli papers.  They wrinkle, even though I iron before/after printing, before/after dyeing and before/after waxing. 

 I'm now using a heavier weight paper that appears to be perfect and doesn't wrinkle.  We're now working on using heaver weight card stock for our next book.  I finished printing and over dyeing papers this past weekend so hope to get a book made next week.   I'm very happy with some of the papers as they are lighter colors than what I've been making. 

Now on a 'not a success' note!  I was very happy with some of my latest papers so decided I wanted to do a larger collage piece.  We use Heat 'n Bond light on the back of our papers to attach to our base, so I got busy and started to iron  fusible on my papers...WAIT!   Remember you are suppose to iron fusible on the BACK of your paper!  Well, guess what I did...hard to see in this picture but that's fusible on the FRONT of my paper!!!

Well, dang...this was another favorite paper I wanted to use.  I immediately went to our FaceBook page for our MIP group and mentioned what I had done.  Well, to the rescue was Hilary!  She suggested I use the shiny side of the Heat 'n Bond paper and iron several times while lifting up.  Great idea and it did work!  Well, it would have worked totally but I was so excited while I was getting rid of the fusible....I took time out to reply on FB to tell  Hilary her suggestion was working....BUT wait again!!

Because I took the time out to comment,  I forgot to remove a small section of the paper and guess what!  It stuck!  That's ok...Hilary suggested I just over dye the piece again!  HA

Live and learn, right!!!!  Now to the next lesson and project!


  1. I love accordion books, so I find these really spectacular! Oh my- the heat 'n bond dilemma. Glad there is a solution.

  2. Oh the perils of a creative soul……I feel for you…..those darn paperbacked fusible have cursed me too at times. But oh your efforts were worth it with the lovely papers you created.


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