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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mother's Day - Belated!

Well, first off, I'm the one late on a Mother's Day blog post!  My son and our DIL had their mom's (along with our better halves!) over for a wonderful Mother's Day dinner.  My son smoked the most wonderful tenderloin!  You could cut it with a knife!  I felt bad Kris had to cook but she purchased some prepared foods and some she made herself.  As usual, it was a delicious meal!!!  But I forgot to take pictures of Kris (DIL), her mom and myself!  I am getting so bad about forgetting to take pictures!!!  Other than pictures of food!!!  On this day, I only got a picture of the cakes!  HA
Kris' mom made the larger malted milk cake, which was sooooooooo good.  Kris bought the Cannoli cake and it too was delicious!!!!  Oh yum.  I was just too busy filling my plate to remember to take pictures of the other food.  Kris even sauteed mushrooms, which are Bob and my favorite!!!   Darrin packaged up some pieces of tenderloin for us and Kris gave us some cake to take home!!!  YUM...

And look at the really cool Lavender plant Kris gave me!  The green leaves smell so good!!!  I'll have to read more about them as this is my first Lavender plant!  It looks so pretty on the deck!  It's suppose to attract butterfly's...we'll see!

Next, last weekend, my daughter had  all of us over to celebrate a belated Mother's Day.  Dawn was out of town Mother's Day weekend so she had us over for a fantastic brunch.  Here's her menu!

I at least took a picture of my daughter's table setting!  That's pictures of us, AGAIN!  UGH...

And look at the beautiful flowers I got from Dawn...they are so pretty and so many different flowers!  I love them!

Dawn's brunch was delicious, as usual,  and we even got some leftovers to take home from her too!    We're so lucky that my kids love to cook, entertain and invite us old folks over for meals!  HA  Love all those kids!!!!


  1. Bliss……and malted milk powder on/in anything….from cakes, frostings, ice creams, even pancakes…….I swoon.

  2. Lovely celebrations. Cannoli cake- oh my goodness!!


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