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Monday, May 6, 2019

Sewing Room Finished!

I finally got all my sewing supplies put away on Sunday!  So glad to have my sewing work space ready for my next project!  Who knows what that will be....we've had the week off from Hilary's MIP online class, which worked out great so I'm not behind.  You can see boxes/etc. all over as we would just place the golfing, sewing or painting/dyeing boxes in their respective rooms.  The dye/work room is next on the to do list! 

Here are some before and after pictures of what my sewing room looked like and what it looks like now.!  

                       BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

This is a baby chest my daughter and I hauled home one day from Pottery Barn.  It's all wood (very heavy!) but works great to cut on, plus the drawers hold lots of stuff!!  I took several pieces of my art work with me so you'll see new quilts hung in different areas. 

This is coming into the room, moving from left to right.  Again, before on the left and 'after' on the right.  

Moving right along....boxes and bags were all over.....that's a very old steamer chest, which holds lots of items from the kids when they were younger.  Works good to hold my rulers and, of course, just another flat surface, which can get filled with projects! 

This is my sewing table...well, actually, it's a place where the girls lay.  I put a large dog bed on that empty spot so they can look out the window while I sew or work on projects!  It's Kalee's favorite place and Gigi is getting to be very fond of it as well.  

Looks busy when I see pictures this way but I actually know where everything is at and everything is right where I need it when sewing!  I use this chest top to iron fabrics or blocks when sewing.

This is the door which leads to the living room area straight ahead and to the right our computer room and then on the left a full bath.   The room is 11'x11' and works perfect for me.  My dye room is where I can make a mess....that cleanup will be coming up in another post this week!  


  1. A candy store of quilts…such fun to see!

  2. What a great feeling to get everything put away and organized...Curious...who is the lady in the picture on top on back of door...?


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