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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Book Review and MIP Book (journal!)

First off, I'm listening to a very funny book by Lisa Scottoline!   And Ms Scottoline is  also the reader and so easy to listen to. I have to say I'm not always fond of women readers and have ended up not listening to a book because of that.  But Ms. Scottoline is great to listen to and the book is a hoot!!!  And so much of it is true!!!  I have read almost all of her mystery books and I've enjoyed them all.  I didn't realize she had written other humorous non fiction books!  I'm going to order some from our library to upload on my Ipod! If you're looking for a non serious/humorous book, check this one or her other books out at your local library!!!

Now about my other book!  Well, actually, it one of 3 of my journals I'm keeping as part of Hilary's online MIP workshop!  Yes, 3 far...really I could have 4 or 5 of them ongoing but I'm just working on 3!   One I use just for note taking when Hilary is doing her video's!  I have a small journal my bud, Susan, gave me for my BD this year and it's perfect for note taking!

This is what I refer to as my color and work book.  I just attached some of my over dyed papers on the cover. 

Depending on the type of 'homework' we are working on I may or may not include them in this book.  Obviously, just the smaller practice collages or paint work would be in this journal.


We've done some different exercises on using color - this is an example of one page in this book.

This is a page that we are to match the color in the middle to the picture.  It's a good exercise on mixing colors.  As you can see, I haven't done this exercise yet!!!  But I will...I'm actually looking forward to it!

Also inside are some of my collages I made from the printed papers.  These are just two examples of my paper collages that are included in this journal.

This is my other journal that is used for our 'collections', which can be shapes, colors...anything that we are attracted to. 

These are just some of my pages of different shapes (yes, that's the same picture that I'm beading!)

We're to color, stamp, draw, whatever we want to do on  our pages (or not!).  I took these pictures before I started to color some of them.    Usually we have dye or paint left over from our printing papers so this is a good use for those leftovers materials.

Yes, this is a similar page to the one above in my 'color book'.  I just like the colors together.   By us putting colors or patterns we like in our book, it should help us as we choose paints and/or dyes when creating our papers. 

So that's some of what we are doing in our workshop!  Learning so much and certainly providing us the inspiration we all need. 

We're working with our Gelli plate again this week.  I finished my lesson today and hope to over dye the papers in the next few days.  It's so busy now that we are back home... I'm working on a project that has a due date the end of this month!!!  I'm at the quilting phase on that project but I forgot how difficult it is to plan your quilting designs!  Yikes!  But it's coming along!!! 

So in the future, I hope to reshow these pages and journals to see what all I've done to them and what else I've added to the journal(s)!!!  Now I'm off to listen to Lisa's book!!


  1. Oh my- you are practically earning a degree here! But those journals really will be a very good resource for you, as well as good practice. I hope you'll share that color matching center strip of the photo- that's a real challenge!

  2. PS- Scooter tore his ACL (or CCL) and is three-legged right now. To avoid surgery (very pricey and very looong recovery with restrictions), he's getting some daily laser treatments like they do on horses. Hoping this will help him!


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